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Wartune S68 Guild Merge

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  • Wartune S68 Guild Merge

    Hi all wartuners.
    I am â€*Loveâ€* guild master of Legionâ„¢ Lvl 6 guild and rank 1 in S68.
    In order to become the most powerfull guild and to avoid inactivity in guild i have decided to merge one guild with us.
    Purpose of this fusion? Well all of us have to win. We can be all number one, we can beat the innactivity time, advance the guild as fast as possible.
    Now i am talking about with lvl 3 guilds that started not long ago and i can make u sure theres no way u can beat top 5 alone.
    Why u want to merge? Well in Legionâ„¢, if u join with your guild, you as old guild master will recive Guild Assistant in Legionâ„¢, all your officers will recive same rank in the new guild. Practicly u wont lose a thing, my opinion u have only to things to win. Discuss with your guild members this matter.
    If your interested lets talk here or PM me in game me or CottonMouth

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    a tip: there aren't many active forum users compared to players. Try to pm the leaders in game or using world chat:P


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      ye i know must most of good players also surf the forums


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        guild merge

        How do u merge guilds? can anyone tell me?


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          can you put make love in any of your game pleas