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Purchase Pending after Chargeback problem...

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  • Purchase Pending after Chargeback problem...

    Last week on Sunday, I bought a $49.99 pack on Stormthrone. The day after I bought the pack, the game started acting up, it wouldn't load and I'd refresh then it would start working, but be very laggy and freeze when I left to join different areas of the game...

    So I decided to quit playing Stormthrone and request a refund from Xsolla. They gave me my refund on Tuesday Morning. Then that night, R2games sent me an email saying that they wanted a reason for my refund/chargeback request and I can not make any purchases until they got the reason through a ticket, so I sent in a ticket, like I was requested to, telling them exactly what I just said ^above^.

    Today I tried to buy a $9.99 Crystal pack on Crystal Saga, since I thought I was able to make purchases again, since its been 4 days since I sent in my ticket. My purchase was approved through Paypal, so I waited from crystals to be added to my character, but after waiting 30 seconds, I knew something wasn't right, so I checked my orders on my R2games account and it said my purchase is pending. So looked at email and I got an email saying that my order is pending, due to my recent chargeback and still waiting for a reason for the request, that I sent in 4 days ago!!

    I never got a email from R2games support, about my ticket and that has my ticket ID#, I even checked my spam folder... So I can't give it to you to help you find the ticket. -.-"

    Please fix this problem or please tell me the fastest way to send in my reason and get this nonsense over with already and get my Crystals I just bought

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    You did a recharge and R2 were processing it, you then did a chargeback, 4 days later you did another recharge, no wonder R2 are pending your payment they're making sure you dont do a chargeback again
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      That's not what I said, BuraJerk... I said I have a chargeback and its been 4 days. And because they haven't looked at my ticket, that has my reason for my chargeback yet. I still can't make any other purchases, because I've been suspended from doing so and I thought I could by now; and I want the Crystals I just paid... You need to read what I said before you comment....


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        If you give me the character name, server, and game you filed the ticket under, or send me a pm with the email address you used in your ticket, I will ask about the status for you.
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