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A lot of reason to Fight against your fear

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  • A lot of reason to Fight against your fear

    Tell me how can you defeat your fear or nightmare while your sleep and ill tell you a true story^_^

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    having lucid dream by theory,,,
    failed provoking it by fact,,,
    not having much of nm by luck,,,
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    But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


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      Just pray before you sleep. And HE will give you peace of mind.Strength ! Wisdom ! And Courage so you can conquer all your fears! :P

      Hohoh I don't have story to tell. Poor me. >_,"!
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        One things that you can do it by yourself is that you have a strong imagination^_^


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          lol i don't know y but have not had ant nightmare for a loooong time now XD must be cuz i listen to music :3

          and when it comes to url fear then get some friends aaand things might end well lol XD
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            my biggest noghtmare is that my grand father killing people with a powers..that's true


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              since I have a phobia of scary movies....everytime I sleep I keep on dreaming it....but nowadays it's not attacking.LOL


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                LOL well me a Evil Spirit Merge with me but he didnt succed cuz my imagination is stronger than him even Satan cant get pass on me cuz im more stronger than any Shts that could ruin us^_^


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                  I actully sing songs in bed. o,.,o
                  If not I just clear my mind.
                  Or count sheep, (I don't)
                  Or just think of something funny if you don't think of going to sleep.
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                    Get really high. Im actually trying to remember when the last time I had a nightmare was. Normally I have daymares xD. Or what you could do if you want to see millions if things flying at you while your "trying" to sleep could "Candy Flipin". I don't recommend doing this unless u have insane horrible nightmares or if you can't hold your own, you none Charlie Sheenes. XP
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                      Having a Daydreaming is good because it might help you trying to pass those a lot of insane my dream last time was you know lot of zombies coming aftering my friends i try to hide them then i came out with no weapon just doing hand to hand combat with all zombies and one thing is very hurtful is the a Big Giant Muscular zombie appeared and there was a girl save my life well i remembered the name and i almost recognized her but darn i wake up(I really hate to admit when someone is waking me up from my good dream or having a Fun Nightmare dream )all i remember is that she is kinda a slim and cute XD


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                        Do you wash your feet before going to bed ?
                        It is a good way to prevent bad dreams
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