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TOP 5 anime theme songs

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  • #16
    hhmmmmm anime songs.....I cant really pick but......

    Mirai Nikki songs
    Naruto songs
    Maid-sama songs
    K-ON!! Songs
    Fairy Tail songs
    Black Rock Shooter Ending<----- EPIC!!!
    Gurren Lagann songs
    Songs from May'n, SEA A, Larc en Ciel
    IGN: Catnip
    Server: S62 Bloodshed Hollow
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    Class: Anyone who knows me knows my class :P nature ranger shhhh
    Soul: 300/3000

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    • #17
      Dead End/Kuusou Mesorogiwi - Mirai Nikki OST
      All of the Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari OST
      Core Pride/In My World - Ao no Exorcist OST
      All of the K-ON OST
      Inishie/Uragiri no Nai Sekai made - Uragiri wo Boku no Namae wo Shitteru
      Everything is temporary - Anon

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      • #18
        We Are - One Piece
        IGN: Scion(S11)TOUCHMENOT
        Server: Glimmering Plains
        Level/Honor Rank: Lv.100/Emperor
        Class: Hybrid Priest
        Pet: Burning Angel, Teeka, Firelord
        "Success is falling Nine times and getting up Ten"


        • #19
          my top 5 anime theme songs :

          Light My Fire - SnS III opening
          Oath Sign - Fate/Zero opening
          Chain - Air Gear opening
          Scramble - School Rumble opening
          Joint - SnS II opening

          honestly all SnS songs are nice for me
          " Pleasure gotten through evil means could be a sin, but pleasure can also result from good deeds.What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin ?

          Gilgamesh, Fate/Zero


          • #20
            hmm hmmm i change from time to time but just now JUST TODAY THIS SEC it's :

            Stray - wolf's rain

            Hajimari No Kaze- saiunkoku monogatari

            Gravitation- Heroic Age

            think it's named Papepipu Papipepu Papepipupo ( end song 4 )- Beelzebub ( dont know y but addicted to it X'D )
            "with our thoughts we make the world"no matter how gifted you are you alone cannot change the world"

            (S6)kaguyakage, random weak hybrid priest thingy, Windshear Peaks, (was proud member in the guild DISORDER)

            broken realm- Duzell - female/mage .. more to come

            wartune - suzakuhanbei-female/mage

            Lunaria story - Darzell-male mage- lv 40 ( omw up )

            "I may not look like a warrior, but I make up for it, somehow."


            • #21
              DeathNote____________________(The World)_______________by Nightmare
              Clannad After Story____________(Toki wo Kizamu Uta)________by Lia
              Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood__(PERIOD)__________________by Chemistry
              Angel Beats___________________(My Soul, Your Beats!)______by Lia
              Needless______________________(Modern Strange Cowboy)___GRANRODEO

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              • #22
                mine are

                Mirai Nikki Opening
                Highschool Of The Dead Opening
                Guilty Crown Opening
                Gurren Lagann Opening

                thats the most of em xD


                • #23
                  *~Asterisk~ by Orange Range - Opening song for Bleach.

                  Soul Eater Bakusou Yume Uta