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Globe Users Blaming R2 For Fixes on ISP

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  • Globe Users Blaming R2 For Fixes on ISP

    Definition of ISP.
    An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides access to the Internet. Access ISPs directly connect clients to the Internet using copper wires, wireless or fiber-optic connections.
    so key word there. Provide. lets look that one up

    Make available for use; supply.
    Equip or supply someone with (something useful or necessary): "we were provided with a map".
    Now I'd like it to be known that when you signed up for internet.

    #1 You Did not contact R2 games, have R2games install your internet and climb on the roof and ask if you got good reception while they tinkered.
    #2 R2 games Does NOT provide, supply your internet.
    #3 R2 Games Does NOT host ISP or offer ISP services.
    #4 you don't make Payments to R2 for your internet access.
    #5 When you Signed up for internet you went to Globe
    #6 When you make payments for your ISP you make them to Globe
    #7 Globe is your Host for ISP and responsible for its services under whatever contract you agreed to
    #8 Globe is responsible for the Quality of your connection

    Its already been stated R2 games is doing more then they should by contacting Globe trying to help in something that's not theirs to sort out which the players effected should be doing themselves since its their ISP. if this situation was happening to me, I'd contact my ISP and go to the library to use a different computer then post to forums saying i will be back because I enjoy R2 games but my provider is being evil. which it has and i sent this message to certain people.

    i haz fail internet while i be house sittin , might not be on lol
    was using a computer with keys that didn't work and internet that barely connected to even facebook alone. my ISP was the same as I use at home which at lowest is .20 mbs - 4mbs download rate from lowest to highest, the place I was at .50 mbs was highest. so I understand what these things are like.

    Further Blaming R2 games for your internet connection which you pay another company for will have your post removed as its disrespectful and well. highly uninformed.
    There is no Maintenance on R2's servers that R2 games can do to make the game more playable because of Globe ISP's limits since its not R2games fault, or they would have done it since they do actually care. obviously by taking the extra step an calling the ISP for many of the players&trying to help where they can.

    so in the end, all complaints should be going to Globe, not directed at R2 to magically fix a problem with another business.
    that would be like me getting a Double Bacon Cheese burger from one store, walking to a different store- lets say a pastry store across the street and asking for the doughnut business to give me a Double Bacon Cheese Burger for free& to fix the food prep stations etc in the other store which isn't their business. try it and you'll see them give you a funny face, tell you to take your receipt an go back to the other store since its not their product.

    If your one of the Effected users, use a different ISP at a different location, or a VPN as suggested- go to the library or a coffee shop that doesn't use Globe, if you dont want to travel to each to find out- call around and ask them before going. then just be patient&keep being persistent+assertive with your ISP. in truth it would better help R2 games when contacting them if all the players effected reported the issue to Globe to show how many users actually have this issue and why it would be good for Globe to increase Globes bandwidth and how much money Globe will lose because of the people switching providers and going back to enjoying playing R2games since its not a issue with R2, or how much money they could make by giving you more dedicated bandwidth to enjoy R2's site and other sites since Globes bandwidth issue isn't limited to just R2's site.
    if you continue with Globe- please be patient

    Tips on Browsing wisely to decrease your load:
    #1 if your playing the game and trying to watch youtube. make sure to adjust the video quality settings from auto to a specific one.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	quality.jpg
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Size:	23.9 KB
ID:	1736034
    yes when you have limited bandwidth watching youtube&having facebook open will effect the game as both update and run off flash in sections

    #2 Enable store common Flash components increase Storage and possibly Enable 3rd Party Storage
    Click image for larger version

Name:	storage.jpg
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Size:	39.4 KB
ID:	1736035

    #3 if you can stay connected and only have issues when entering certain maps with many other players
    View as many random people with different equipment, items, etc as possible(not as fast as you can- go slow&wait, be patient) to get them pre loaded and dont clear cache&cookies etc until there is a maint.

    #4 Use a VPN
    Google them
    R2 games is not your IT department for services that aren't R2games services. neither are forum moderators. if you run into issues contact the the VPN support and follow guides.
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