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Bad News :(

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  • Bad News :(

    sadly someone tried to hack me my official name is LadyKayla but its now Myenerade I found out that someone hacked me I didn't know who it was and told my mom I am sorry my friends but this is me ladykayla no lie I had to start on I am still logged in with facebook tho my mom was upset but couldn't find the person so I sowwies I will be in eternal saga in the new server

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    For now I am waiting for a new server to come up and then play in that server or I may not come back to play on r2games anymore and just continue playing games on please don't cry everyone *hugs u* theres nothing I can do


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      file a ticket with R2 games using your account you have now, and they will work with you to see if they can get your account back to you
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        I will try to see what I can do


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          kitwritten I am in no server because I not logged in with anymore someone changed the yahoo password my mom changed my e-mail name and the password to protect me and her from getting hacked any further what I am logged in with is it would seem this may have to be talked with Stormaggedon now I'm scared for life
          everything with me logged in google has no info of me unless I got my yahoo password which the hacker had to have changed cause that's what my mom told me but my mom isn't here shes gone out and is busy running errands I'm doomed I might as well give up and just get used to this ill be miserable everyone will miss me awww


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            Kayla, please chat with me through pm. I will help you get sorted out.
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              zzz's now to wait for the vets or the person who has my ticket yawwwn but I cant go to sleep T.T -O-