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a jayke and nemo story(lunaria story)

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  • a jayke and nemo story(lunaria story)

    It's not all exactly panned out(but has truth to it), its probably not that great and it is not finished yet but i tried, i will only finish it if people wish for me to continue. And yes i do new to work on it.. a lot but i am not a professional so hey what can ya do. some bits will also be smaller through out the story. OH and i have a habbit of switching between past and present.... very sorry about that it might get confusing but yeah sorry. well here you go.. its just a start

    It was a dark rainy day when a new world in the universe of Lunaria was created, a few days after the world of the howling dunes was created, a boy had entered the world. Starting off like everyone else in the clothing of a peasant he had made his goal, to be better than the rest, to become the strongest fighter that the world has ever known… and to own every costume ever made, this boy was Jayke.
    Although Jayke became stronger overcoming all the warriors, hunters and mages in parlay he could not win in a skill battle… The Battle of warriors.
    “Teach me” Jayke had said to a hunter who was his frenemy “I will never be the best until I can learn to fight proper against them annoying runners”
    Now this hunter also his guild mate was Jaykes biggest challenge, although he had overcome the parlay these two were still in a head on collision, fighting the parlay of might everyday over taking each other, but jayke could not match the hunters skill in the battle of warriors.
    “You need to learn to move and not just stand” the hunter yawned as he spoke “then maybe you will eventually overcome the battle of warriors”
    Jayke looked out of the guild Palace window that he became so familiar with sitting by the window every day when he had no adventures exiting enough to go on left.
    ‘What to do, what to do’ he thought to himself ‘I know... I will buy more gold! That always helps with everything’
    Jayke stormed out of the guild palace everyone watching him as he ran by.

    Not too far away sat another young man, his facial expression that of one who felt left out. The new guild member Jayke had just run by not even noticing him. That was how things were these days since the new kid had joined their ranks. Hardly anyone noticed the hunter other than their king and a few of his guild mates.
    “Nemo! There you are” The king of heaven… The guild that Nemo had joined shouted out to him “Have you been out here… all this time?”
    “Yes cosmos… I have” Nemo had replied depressingly “Ever since jayke has joined our ranks I have felt useless, and although I notice him he does not notice me”
    ****** looked at Nemo, put his hand to his chin and thought
    “Well, maybe make yourself Noticeable” ****** told Nemo
    Nemo thought upon what ****** had told him, but he just did not know what he could do, for the new recruit to notice him.
    Everyone is human, everyone bleeds the same
    remember this when you discriminate

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    haha professional yep yep iv been writing years, i just young and prolly dont show i have been
    actually i started professional writing and editing but stopped because of stress and baby on the way
    Everyone is human, everyone bleeds the same
    remember this when you discriminate