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Blade Hunter Fan Fiction - Part II

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  • Blade Hunter Fan Fiction - Part II

    If you want to check out part I, click here.
    Without hesitation, Predator and Wallachia immediately ejected towards the sounds of viscious orcs and rattlings.
    Predator had a young expression on his face, however his eyes looked as if they have faced death numerous times, he showed determination and courage.

    As for Wallachia. He hasn't rotated emotions since he appeared... He remained serious.
    As they were darting through the forest, they both halted to a stop, to the sight of an orc camp not more than 20 meter's from where they were.

    "Damn those Orcs..." Grunted Wallachia.

    Predator nodded in agreement.

    Without a signal, Wallachia drew his blue blazing katana out of no-where.
    Predator did the same with his purple blades, whitout hesitation.

    "Things are about to get messy" contributed Predator, squinting his eyes in anger.
    Wallachia gave out a faint smile, and a slight nod.

    They both sprang out of a tree full force onto the Orc camp. Slashing and crushing foreign bones into pieces.
    There was blood and some miniature bones scattered on blade's and Wallachia's Katana.

    "I guess we're don-" Wallachia didn't get to finish what he was saying, due to a sudden surprise.
    A giant orange Orc made an appearance out of the blue, he had fresh blood around his mouth, and what looked like a chain of bones on some wire, resting around his neck.

    He was carrying a 2 meter club, which he had slung behind his back, balancing on his right shoulder.
    The Orc's eyes were almost 100% red, he was breathing heavily and didn't look too happy.

    Both Predator and Wallachia's faces painted an outraged expression - there was also a pinch of shock mixed in there too.

    "Damn that thing's h-" Wallachia didn't get to finish his sentance again, not because he was surprised but because this time the giant Orc swung his club towards him, smashing and wrecking the piece of land where Wallachia was standing.

    They both had to be really careful and dodge the orc's attacks. There was no time to chat, they needed to defeat and conquer the orc camp.

    Predator began to swiftly develop brisk attacks at the orc, he managed to get 2 hits at his throat, but was quickly sent flying about 10 meter's into the distance by the enormous club.

    The orc began bleeding at a high rate, but he would not surrender, even if it was a fatal wound.

    Wallachia knew that this was his chance, so, whilst still facing the orc, he sprang into the air, throwing his katana at the orc's stomach...

    The orc was now outraged and began to furiously charge at Wallachia, causing giant foot-steps into the mud.
    Wallachia managed to get a critial hit on him, but now he had no weapons to rely on. He knew he had to pick up one of Predator's if he wanted to survive. Besides, Predator was knocked out un-conscious.

    He succeeded in tricking the orc, making him charge towards the tree, with his Katana going even deeper into the orc's stomach.
    Wallachia, made a dash for it, grabbing one of Predator's blades.
    He lowered pace, trying to think of a way to defeat the Orc.

    I'm good at throwing things, this shouldn't be too hard, besides, it's like a boomerang
    He thought to himself

    The orc quickly regained sight and acknowledged what was happening.
    Wallachia had no time to waste, so he began sprinting towards the Orc.

    The giant beast, let out a smile as if Wallachia had fallen into a trap, but it was the other way around.
    Wallachia suddenly swung onto a tree behind the orc, and threw the blade at an angle, it brished across the orc's throat... This time, due to Wallachia's accuracy and the power in Predator's blades, the blade managed to slice off the orc's head, leaving the spine to stick out of the flesh.

    As the blade returned, the grabbed onto it, and positioned it where it was.
    He was walking towards the body of the orc, which had collapsed with a massive 'THUD' on the ground.

    Wallachia dug out his katana, and along with that, there was a disgusting sound of gut's getting ripped apart on the inside.
    "Ugh, where am I?" murmured Predator.
    He was in a hospital bed... In Cloudbourne Village's medical facility.

    "Don't worry, I killed the orc, washed the blood off your blades and they're safe"
    "You were knocked out by the club and didn't wake up, so I decided to bring you here, since our mission was complete. I didn't encounter any rattlings, maybe they ran away when they found out that the Orc leader was dead" Said Wallachia

    Predator smiled, and responded.


    Note: I wrote the second chapted with my old PC which has key's taken out and stuff like that, so if there are any spelling mistakes or whatever, dont blame me!

    Shoutout to Wallachia S3 - Guild INDONESIA S3 & Guild Ubiquity Gaming S18.
    internet sensation