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  • Question for you

    Ok its been on my head that I should ask you this that I do not know why that others are supportive to each others and also when I`m you know a becoming a Liar so I need you to see that If you Like me or not and Why?

    Im waiting for your answer^_^
    Just Tell me what you feel and what you really want to tell that you like me or not I just want to know that you had a spirit of Answering questions

    Really?If you want to comment just comment i wont get mad geez-_-
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    pm me and I would love to know you
    God's Daughter <3


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      well i dont really know you but u seem like a ok person ^^
      "with our thoughts we make the world"no matter how gifted you are you alone cannot change the world"

      (S6)kaguyakage, random weak hybrid priest thingy, Windshear Peaks, (was proud member in the guild DISORDER)

      broken realm- Duzell - female/mage .. more to come

      wartune - suzakuhanbei-female/mage

      Lunaria story - Darzell-male mage- lv 40 ( omw up )

      "I may not look like a warrior, but I make up for it, somehow."


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        Well your my friend so your cool
        Class: Mage
        Server:Windshear Peaks
        Guild: (S6)SteinsGate
        Proud player since 2011
        ♥~Thank you for everything~♥


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          and also my gift to all r2 fellowers is aspecial i could put my own logo but dont have much time i wil try^^