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R2Games login system having some issues

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  • R2Games login system having some issues

    Dear R2 community,

    Currently is having some issues with login where it says "This user does not exist" when you attempt to login. The IT team are checking on it right now.
    I personally had the same thing but when I double clicked the [Login] Button, it still manage to login.

    There is also the reward package system that some claims the level has been reset back to level 1 or others that gets an error message and " Level too low to claim this package" . The IT Team will be checking on this as well after they fix the login issue.

    Will update this further by me or any of the Mods who received an update about the status.

    Sorry for the inconvenience that this have caused everyone.

    Kind regards,

    Mod Dragon-Imp
    As of Nov 1st 2016, I'm retired from Moderator task due to Real-Life Job. Any issues or questions, please contact one of the others Moderator or Head Moderator MemoryLane.

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    Update: The username field is case sensitive. If you have capital letters in your username, you must use them. This discovery was forwarded to the IT team, but we are not yet sure if they will be leaving it that way or not.

    If that still doesn't work for you- try typing your username is all caps.

    If that doesn't work either, you will need to send in a ticket to so that R2 can test your account.
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