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DNS issues 04/14

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  • DNS issues 04/14

    As I am sure players are aware, we have been having DNS issues with the company hosting our servers, making it difficult for players to access our website and games. The company that hosts our servers is aware of the issue and is currently working to get the problem resolved, but we do not as of yet have an ETA from them was to when we can expect service to return to normal. We apologize for the interruption in service, and ask for your patience while the matter is being worked on. Thank you.

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    What, you mean we have to live real life for a while...


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      At least it is raining where I live. The sun won't burn my skin when I go outside.

      *Edit*: Turns out I was wrong.
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        download ultrasurf ^_^ or connect to any proxy from us. it will allow you to connect to the game however it would be laggy(slow) depending on your network connection....


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          let me say.... it still timing out... ^_^ no luck...


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            THey are lazy to fix the problem..
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              Heres what I dug up ...


              Something similar happened last year but it didn't last this long.
              I don't know why R2 still uses those cheap servers .. but this is the result.
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