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    I fully imbued/awakened my Demon Soul Pearls (all of them VIII level) with 6100 PATK stat. The imbue stats are working as expected but the 6100 awakening stat is not working. I ve raised an alt to lvl 120, cashed it 50$, spent his crystals for Demon Pearls, and spent his consumer points for imbue/awakening stones, just to get 0 awakening stats! Please fix it... S31Paul21

    also sent a ticket yesterday but got no reply...
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    The team is currently on holiday for the Chinese New Year celebration. They will not be back in the office until Monday.
    If you have a problem, need assistance and
    we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here


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      This means they will start working on it on Monday? I never got any support so far by "the team". At least i hope they fix this..