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  • Skills not working

    Currently having an issue on my knight, the only skill it will use is the standard attack. No skills will activate whether I use keyboard or click on them. I've logged out, refreshed, restarted, everything I can think of but still have nothing. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Or if this has happened before?
    I was trying to run Chambers of Fate and realised that AFK was on but only that first attack was triggering, and no matter what I tried to get the rest of the skills to go off none of them would.

    Character is [(S42)]MexaneseGYB

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    Do you have your skills placed into the afk panel? Sometimes when they aren't placed inside your skills will not function as normal.
    Have you checked your connection? If your connection isn't stable it can result in your skills appearing to not function.
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      Problem resolved. I think it was a bad connection. I used a Sands of Time last night and it didn't work, even after a relog. After 8 hours of ignoring it, my skill tree is now reset and skills are working again.