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  • Solve 1 problem, create another..

    OK, first I am mindful of forum rules against swearing, so I will restrain myself, but its not easy....

    For several weeks, the game has been almost unplayable due to the recurring and much discussed issues which I wont repeat again. R2 have finally resolved the issues (Thank you R2) BUT, in doing so they have not only deleted the event which caused the problems but also a whole lot of characters.

    I've lost 6 toons, on 3 accounts which were all between lvl30 & lvl40. Now in the past it has always been the case that toons below lvl30 could be randomly deleted. Thats why we all make our little alts up to lvl30. The alts I've lost were all used to store stuff that my mains dont have room for due to the woefully inadequate storage we are allowed in our vaults & temp store. They were alts that I had spent crystal on to open vaults and backpack pages. They were holding years of farmed items, and in some cases purchased items. Anything & everything that is tradeable was on those alts.

    Minori tells us to file a ticket for lost toons, so, I file a ticket for each of the accounts.

    First reply I got just asked me what level the missing toons were. Then today, I get this:

    Dear player,

    We regret to announce you that character was cleared by our devs is unable to recovered. Sorry for that.

    -The R2Games Team

    Can anyone see why I might want to swear at this point?

    Apparently they have 'cleared' any character below lvl 50 which had not been logged for 10 days. Now with the game in the diabolical state it was in, who on earth was going to be logging in every toon they had, every day, just for kicks? It was hard enough logging in mains - and at least one of my missing toons (my gem alt) had been logged within 10 days.

    Minori, please, for the love of God and all thats holy, talk some sense to these people.

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    me and my friend got the same message today so years of storing items gone lvl 175 purple gear ready to make 195 gear gone and worse of all all my gold gone its really hard not to swear they could of at least give us a warning


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      Character deletion was a last minute decision to deal with the instability of the servers. I was not aware they were deleting all inactive lvl 50 and below characters until it was posted on the forums. I have lost characters myself due to the deletion, but unfortunately, there is nothing I'm able to do about this.
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        Minori, I'm not talking about inactive characters, just characters which dont log in every day/week, storage alts.

        And lets face it, with the lag issues we had been experiencing, I was lucky I was able to log my main most days, never mind trying to log a host of alts just to check they were still there! Why would I even suspect they wouldnt be?

        So, thats 7 or 8 years of stored materials and gold down the drain. With no warning. Hours & days & weeks of my life wasted.

        All they had to do to deal with the instability was remove the event which caused it, all those little toons they randomly deleted were there before without causing a problem.

        I am totally disgusted with the way R2 have treated us. Yet again, a display of their contempt for their player base.


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          With lack of vault space, storage alts have been very much a part of the game since it was created. Storage alts have rarely been over level 30, and aren't logged in every day. To just up and delete them with no warning is a great way to anger what player base we have left. Suggest a roll back to before the toons were deleted so we can not lose months, in some cases years, worth of collected items? Bunny race was the problem, not the inactive toons. From reset until bunny started, the game was fine. Once bunny started, the problems occurred.