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    Yes i would like to inform you of the new way the people are getting online they are no longer posting in chat on our server ([S60]Exigent Bluff) they are now opening shops with the name of their website so far i have only found this one but i wanted to inform you so you can take action as we cannot report them if they have shop open cause there is no report button if you see any of these shops please feel free to use the post to post your server and the character name.

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    we have one on our server


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      you should add the locations and instances. Also a screenshot of it.

      Then file a ticket to let the devs know what going on.
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        Samurai has the right idea.

        Just make sure the name of the spammer is clear in your screenshot so they can ban it.
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          i cannot get my screenshot to work but now we have like 3-4 of these shops up in our server S60 they are on L1
          are their names