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Google chrome account sync deleted my character??

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  • Google chrome account sync deleted my character??

    My account "9" is a lvl 31 mage account i created 3 days ago i have been playing off google chrome (off the app and never been to the official website such as this), and yesterday i went to a friends house to play. I synced my google account with her laptop and when i signed into the same google account i noticed my character was gone ( i was also signed into my google account chrome account but with no character).
    i logged in and my character wasn't their. so i decided to create an account for the time being ( a cleric with the username "2" ). But when i came home i tried getting on my "9" accoung by using my google chrome account to sign in, and when it signed in it signed into my cleric account(off my google chrome account), i tried using/logging into my username and password for my "9" account but it's not working, i've tried everything so far :/ PLEASE HELP :'(!

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    Did you click the right server? I mean, the one that your character was in?


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      when i played on my "9" account it never showed servers, their were only 2 options, last played english, english, and french i believe.


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        I've checked through every server, and i know forsure it's a pve one. But when I played straight off the app off google chrome, it only came up with those 3 options, last played english, english, and french :l My "2" character is showing up from one server, but my main character isn't...


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          Maybe you should file a ticket. I'm sure the GMswill try to find your character.
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            How can i? I don't know what server my character was in, and i don't understand why my username for the forum is "R28945111" ?!


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              Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the google account login, so my assistance will be limited.

              Go into your browser history for a day you played on your main character and click on the link for it. That should at least tell you which server you were on (in the browser tab at the top of the screen). Even if you aren't finding your character, it's a good thing to know which server it was on or the link to the server at least.
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