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  • or, go here then click show all then hit handy dandy ctrl+F and search to your hearts content. Sometimes questions are wrong though, and lots of time they change answers and then change them again because apparantly stuff like the amount of daily tides is an alternating answer. sometimes days have 2 tides, sometimes tides have 4 days. Sometimes Resident Evil's evil corporation is Umbrella, and other times its Envelope.

    Well, good luck lol


    • ok, thanks a lot!
      I'll use this one then.


      • Q Which game platform is owned by CD Projeckt
        A GOG

        Q What is the capital of vermont
        A Montpelier

        Q Which one of these is not a living organism
        A Virus

        Q What Hindu god is known as "The Destroyer"?
        A Shiva

        Q How old was John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated?
        A 46

        Q Who wrote the novel "The Da Vinci Code"?
        A Dan Brown

        Q How many NHL teams does Florida have?
        A 2

        Q What was the first man to climb Mount Everest?
        A Sir Edmund Hillary

        Q What is "nori" made from?
        A Seaweed

        Q Which City is the Taj Mahal in?
        A Agra


        • Awesome lists, mate.
          I'll use a bunch of them at the quiz night this Saturday.


          • Great post, very informative and educative. Here I've found info in many spheres and subjects, which is very good for my son's college. Very interesting, as here we see questions in geography and science, sports and much more. Awesome that we've got answers for every question, and thanks!


            • yeah, great
              just ask, any ones know to top up with unipin??