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    until lvl 50 I've been fine in game, beating players with +20k BR then me and so on.
    Now. I've being crash a lot.

    Marriage didnt help me, a lot players get marry and BR jumps. Now I'm trying find a way to get back some game play power.

    Atm I have a Mythic Mount. so I'm working for all my heroes get Legendary. I need one more Topaz Hero to get full Topaz.
    Still need some Erebus runs to get full gears lvl40. bcause some unlucky runs.
    I'm lvl 55. with around 150k BR.

    I'm mad because some gears dont have explanation. are stupid. like a Magic Staff having 10* PATK and a Warrior Sword having 8* MATK.
    My Boadicea is lvl48. I'm working for lvl 50 then lvl all other angels to lvl 30.
    Still dont have +50 enhance and only one hero full +30

    Now I'm trying a few things and I really confuse.
    Skills. for what I'm seeing, lvl1 and lvl2 skills still better then lvl3 and lvl4... weird.
    finish move for Sorcerer is nonsense. warriors get 3hits consecutively. what mage got?? -30% hit... it really helps?? in what?

    In Zodiac skills I still trying find the best skill to use. still passnt Virgo yet. so I'm using Cancer for Stun.
    Basically, now I'm working to improve my heroes. I'll get another one +30 enhance then full 50 on my main and go back to my heroes to get higher I can before get lvl61 and new gears.

    So I ask. Can some1 help me about skills? main skills and zodiac skills?


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      Just the thread Im looking for

      Originally posted by iRyahn View Post
      1. I am the highest level Mystic (and strongest I think) in my server and I do Crit a LOT. My main has all lv 5 Crit gems+Max Crit passive+working on Inferno Core. It can be helpful but I noticed I still have trouble with higher BR players, especially high BR warriors.. Stand no chance. Who knows though maybe we even get better at next job advance or from lvl 60/70 skills. Hard to tell. Sorcerer seems very strong though.

      I went mystic myself thinking mystic only suck early and stronger later game but yeah warrior own me too.
      So Sir iRyahn as a mystic if I want to starting build a party to counter warrior especially berserker which hero should I hire?
      Currently im lv 56 and saving my gold (already have 3Topaz :knight, healer, and atkr) to recruit Nereida is that a good choice? i'm not interested in other ruby since I dont want to fire my rebirthed knight.

      Plaease share your wisdom and experience sir Ryahn


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        I need more helps.

        ATM I'm in troubles with a lot players. low BR Bersekers are giving me a lot troubles to win. and some mystic to.

        So I ask, what is the best Aegis Skills to use?? for Zodiac? for pvp? I'm trying use different skills for different situations, Thunder skills seems get more damage, when Fireball that is not ignoring def. I think.
        And ruby heroes, they really exist?


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          Currently I play a level 64 mystic on S1 and here is my advice for all mystic players:

          First of all mystic is in my opinion the weakest class atm, but you chose it anyway so all you can do is make the best of it . However you can beat anyone with 10-20k br in your range with the proper setup. Most fights can be won with 1 single setup, but more difficult fights require you to adjust the positions of your main and heroes, and even then you do not have a 100% win, it depends partially on RNG aswell.

          So here are some key things you need to know:

          -Your main must be close in strength with the enemy main, or you can forget it.
          - You will win your battle more likely if your main has the advantage in the 1v1 scenario, keep this in mind and adjust your party properly to give your main that advantage.
          - Fastest angel will more likely win battles, try to boost your angel as much as you can.
          - If possible, arrange your formation in a way that you will end up using the mains ability on the enemy main, while having the enemy main waste his ability on a hero of yours.
          - For battles that are close but cannot be won, cancer aegis will do the trick. For mystic I recommend going for cancer anyway, virgo/leo are also viable options but cancer is recommended.

          Now how do you achieve an advantage for your main in a 1v1 scenario? As I said, your formation is key. You will need 1 strong tank and enough damage to the enemy party so your angel can wipe out most of the enemy heroes. heroes like netherknight, king of bones, night sentinel will help you achieve this. Keep in mind that almost every player will have relatively low hp heroes in their back row, causing your angel to (almost) wipe them with the first attack. This means you will need mostly front line damage to take out the tanks, so your main will be able to attack the enemy main after the angel attack. Also you will want to have your strongest tank set up in a way that the enemy main will not touch it before the angel attack, and that it can survive the angel attack, making it soak up 1-2 maybe 3 attacks from the enemy main. This will force you to sacrifice 1-2 heroes to the enemy main, so decide carefully which 1 you sacrifice.

          I dont know how strong you and your opponents currently are, but in most cases you will be better off with shock therapy because it is stronger than icy jab in a 1v1 scenario. icy jab is only better if you can hit the enemy main the first time and he does not have a healer to heal that damage back up.

          Here is a battle so you can see what I mean. Look how I basically sacrifice my netherknight and celestial maiden so his main wont touch my king of bones before the angel hit. There is some luck involved obviously,like him not critting his ability on my main, my bones blocking his attack 2x, the second stun(though my main would probably have lived through 1 more atk from him so that didn't really matter) but like I said, it depends on RNG aswell.

          I hope this will help you, GL with your character and don't forget to have fun winning is not all.
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            Check The Guilding Stars (15 Days Events) for Erebeus. Raichu pointed out some tips in that forum. I saw there was a forum where you master Zodiac. You should look around.

            - If you do quests and finished 50 quests for 100 days, you will get imperial mount.
            - For gems. If you have a lot of gems and synth scrolls, it is okay to synth them because the low level gems require less synth scroll than higher level gem. It is depending on how many gems you have and how many you need. If you are in rare for gems, don't synth high level gems yet. Always go from low level gems to high level gems and use high level gems when you need for socket gems slots.
            - I don't think there are free costume yet as out there. I think it should be same as Wartune where you need to buy them because it gives you a boost battle rating from other players. It seems not fair for it to pay money to have high battle rating boost and win, which makes you feel less challenging and lagging. However, it is a game, so I guess I just try to enjoy the game. Some custome don't boost your battle rating much, so you should consider what you buy. Have fun and Enjoy!


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              Thank you a lot.

              I'm a sorcerer lvl61. here I see a lot things about Mystic. I get some info that helps both Mystic and Sorcerer.
              Well. What I've done?

              For Guardian Angel almost all are lvl 30 atm.
              For mount, I already have Imperial Mount working to get him Mythic. and working for +6 atm.
              My heroes are almost all Legendary. Here I'm wondering why I didnt continue my strategy to only work on my mount. bud no point think on that.

              I have almost all my skills max.
              Only Scorch (ignoring def is a good idea, but dont work like I supose should work, I get more damage when I use Shock Therapy), Absolute Zero (I don't like this skill, is useless almost all the time) and lvl6 skills aren't max yet. Wall of Flames, is not maxed, but is a Good Skill? What is the max damage? Atm is useless. I still can get better results with Shock Therapy...

              I'm using all my gold atm for my 1st Ruby Hero. Here I want some advice. What I should get first? King Of Bones or Nereida? I'm using atm Djini, Nether King, Night Sentinel and my hater Atalanta (I really dislike her, another useless Hero).
              King of Bones help to keep longer my front row, I hope, instead of using Atalanta there. But Nereida gives some interesting buffs, What I should choose?
              Perhaps I want Celestial Maiden next, having 2 healers.

              After I got my 1st Ruby Hero I'll work a bit longer in enchant process and buy synth scrolls for gem.


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                  Originally posted by R23606867 View Post
                  I have almost all my skills max.
                  Only Scorch (ignoring def is a good idea, but dont work like I supose should work, I get more damage when I use Shock Therapy), Absolute Zero (I don't like this skill, is useless almost all the time) and lvl6 skills aren't max yet. Wall of Flames, is not maxed, but is a Good Skill? What is the max damage? Atm is useless. I still can get better results with Shock Therapy...
                  Max Scorch .
                  Max Fireball .
                  Max Wall of Flames .

                  ( just in case you missed them the first time )