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HELP in build and strategies

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  • HELP in build and strategies

    Hi all,

    I need some help about a few things and thougts.

    1. +45lvl Mage Sub-class
    For what I'm seeing on the Forum, I'm get a conclusion/question - Mystic Mage with Crit & Agi build could be a good strategy for non-vip players and non-diamonds players?

    Why I'm asking that? I saw somewhere, that a Mystic Mage with this build can Hit First, with some luck a Crit attack, and with that could get some advantage against high BR players.
    For those that already tried, it's true?

    Now, chosing Sorcerer or Mystic, is helpfull level up all passive skills? Is'nt a waste of warsouls? (because high skills are so expensive)

    2. Gems
    You still using Synths to craft gems lvl3 and 4?
    It's a waste of Synths to craft lvl5 gems. But still is a waste of gems to craft lvl5 gems without Synths... some mathematic issue I suppose.

    3. Mounts
    Without buying at shop and be top rank. All other players can get any other mount?

    4. Costume
    No other costumes around?

    5. Zodiac & Erebeus
    I need some help here, more for Erebeus because we have only 2 attempts per day to do it.
    What BR or ATK + HP + DEF we need to pass each level, any ideia??

    What the rewards from Erebeus Levels? anyone can get the information, help to see if is worth the risk to try it.

    Some newbbie advices (from me :P)

    Do not attack any very high BR player if you still have 12.00 and 18.00 ST reset times.

    On 1st day > when you get lvl 25 do not do TD, why? because with lvl 29 or higher you can get Gold Chests there, so is better wait a few levels to do with a team, this way you can get Gold Chests from 1st day.

    ps. I'm considering start a new server to use all my new knowledge about the game, if some1 want start with me, tell me to grow up together, and to give and share a lot more advices, tips, tricks and hints. send me PM to give you my Character name.

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    1. I am the highest level Mystic (and strongest I think) in my server and I do Crit a LOT. My main has all lv 5 Crit gems+Max Crit passive+working on Inferno Core. It can be helpful but I noticed I still have trouble with higher BR players, especially high BR warriors.. Stand no chance. Who knows though maybe we even get better at next job advance or from lvl 60/70 skills. Hard to tell. Sorcerer seems very strong though.

    2. Should always craft your gems to lv5 first, so that your main can have all level 5 gems. Then focus on getting level 5 gems on your Heros, then level 6 on your main and so on. It will take a while but worth it. Gems one of the best was to get stronger. Be sure to free up all your sockets too.

    3. You can get Imperial Shards from loop quest and feast, once at 100 you get imperial mount.

    4. Sadly nope

    5. Not sure on exact BRs but just focus on the first few. Once you finished synthing the materials from one L you can move on to the next.


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      Thank you iRyahn, thank you a lot.


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        1. im a mystic. i tell u, actually mystic is pretty bad class. lemme explain
        - ice arrow vs fireball. ice arrow is very very bad skill. why? while fireball ignoring enemy defense and unblockable. ice arrow can be blocked + reduced with defense. if u have 30k matk vs 20k mdef enemy, u will hit around 20-25k damage uncrit. compared to fireball, it will hit 35k+. basically, with fireball u can win vs higher br player because of this ignore defense skill. especially with crit gem.
        better use shock therapy forever.
        - elemental precision = useless. no one use this in pvp since everyone cant dodge ur attack anyway. everyone has passive hit skill. i prefer frostbite to make my angel attck more devastating.
        - infernal core = rather useless because crit can be blocked or dodged. paladin is ur nightmare.

        the description is **. everyone has same passive. so everyone has same base agi, dodge, atck, hit etc. except, mage has crit and warrior has block.
        so, mystic has higher agi and HP compared to other class? no
        mystic is good for non casher? no
        i dunno why everyone keep saying to me that mystic is good class for non casher. lol

        ps= maybe there will be a change/patch etc, but now mystic is underpowered. damn, whining too much lol

        2. i suggest, dont use synth scroll for gem lv1, or 2 if u wish.

        5. ah i dont remember the exact BR. im on NM2 now. just farm the shard from erebus untill u can beat the last boss, then try next level.
        most important thing in erebus is score/point. it will give u a chance to open more card in the end if u have more point. also try to fight every enemies encounter to get more shards.
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          1. Go with Sorcerer, ignoring enemy's defense is a nightmare for everyone. But if you're into seeing your character do critical hits, then go with Mystic. Shock Therapy + Finishing Move that gives additional chance of throwing explosive critical damage is great unless you're dealing with paladins - so far paladins are i think.. toughest class as of now

          2. I only use synth scrolls for crafting level 4+ gems when I get to level 50ish but sometimes if i really have a lot of level 3 gems i use synth scrolls for level 5.

          3. You can only get one for free, crafting an imperial stallion. MAKE SURE YOUR SOULSTONES GO TO YOUR MOUNT FIRST BEFORE HEROES!

          4. None yet.


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            Thank you both for your answers.


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              - For a Mage pre-level 45, if you have 2 sockets open on your equipment (which peerless or courage items come with) go HP and MATK. When you unlock the 3rd, use PDEF. When you unlock the 4th, use MDEF or CRIT (your choice). When you upgrade to Triumph set if you went CRIT add PDEF, and vice-versa. Erebus and Zodiac mobs are PATK based mobs so the PDEF helps.
              - You should only use synth scrolls on L.4 and higher gems.
              - Your tanks should be built with HP/MDEF/PDEF gems and Block if you can (if you have to, switch either MDEF or PDEF gems for block until you unlock a slot to hold all 4). And it's good to save soulstones until you get the topaz heroes so you can train them to epic (go with either shadowraith first or save for Nether King).
              - You should upgrade your mount and emblem when ever you can.
              - Always get your skills to maximum when you can (the important ones for you class at least).
              - Keep the Mermaid in your party until you get Djinni, the healing helps you a lot (even if you only get healed once or twice) and it can be the deciding factor in a battle.

              But once you get to level 45 and you fight anyone level 50 or higher, it's pretty much game over for you since Boadicea will wipe the floor with you. Right now I am level 49 with 132712 BR and the only reason I lose to anyone with 30k or less BR is because Boadicea is simply over powered.
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                so i made a huge misatke going to mystic? anyay to change?


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                  what about crit vs hit gems?
                  Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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                    I prefer crit over hit except when fighting zodiac bosses, they dodge a lot.
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                      so I should change all my hit gems to crit?
                      Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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                        Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
                        so I should change all my hit gems to crit?
                        Yes but it's best to have back-ups of both. Hit for zodiac, Crit for everything else really.


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                          no need to keep both, you can just exchange them whenever needed.
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                            are you talking about hit gems for your perso or your heros ?
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                              Originally posted by R246982229 View Post
                              are you talking about hit gems for your perso or your heros ?
                              for myself.... basically keep all crit and for zodiac put in some hit gems? how many hit gems should a person use then?
                              Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....