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We are still waiting for an answer and your solution regarding Resources Reaver bug!!

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    diamond was reward for donating to the game, so if you do not want to donate i think it was fine XD

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      Here is the response i got.

      "We are deeply sorry for taking this long to answer you, we were in the middle of a holiday. We understand that the Resources Reaver issue happened and we sent proper compensation to all the other players because of that. We know that some players didn't get satisfied with the developers decision on giving compensation, but I honestly wouldn't hold my breathe for something different. We reported to the devs that players were not satisfied, but I don't think they are going to take further action on this issue. I know that it is very frustrating, but the issue got to a point where the developers have the final word. Kindly let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!"


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        Originally posted by MaximusOrange View Post
        They are gonna put it under the carpet Don't worry about it. They didnt do it when they could right after it happened doubt after 3-4-5 days there gonna do something.
        Imagine how tall must be the carpet ! No wonder why they put event always more expensive, they needed more space for the carpet xD

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          and what's about Wagers....from TCS...lot of ppl spend money to you think that this is fun....this is nearby a frode you know that...if they don't pay back, or to you think that who spend money will be happy only with compensation?....

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            Originally posted by R2770413 View Post
            at my server its so mess up.... the noncasher got 6 star angels lol.... how will they fix this? put under the carpet and dont talk? wew.... the compensation is not the right solution to this...
            let them have a little bit fun. maybe they won't quit
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              Originally posted by Booman666 View Post
              1st all you flaming about reaver are people which had bad luck and if ya would be on at right time ya wont be posting here 2nd what ya expect? half of us did not even got TT ranked rewards + noone got wagers thats way more immportant issue anyway + all the cashers whine aboput tycoon rank tycoon is over and ya can buy with money only diamonds its ur problem ya used em on tycoon...........
              some people didnt get those bug rewards or the TT rewards Sweetie so you are the last person to talk in this issue. Just crawl back to your place and mind your business. You got something, others didnt get anything, not that you care, you were always jealous on other good and better players than you so now you just giglle that they missed that bug and that they got 0 rewards from TT.