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League of Angels - System Update 5/22

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  • League of Angels - System Update 5/22

    A new version of League of Angels will be updated on S1 & S2 on May 22nd, and the rest on May 23rd.

    S1 & S2 have been updated, all servers will be updated later soon!

    New Features

    1. Guild Domination (Coming Soon)
    2. Equipment Upgrade, Eternal Spire Elite Boss
    3. Cross-server Team Tournament (Coming Soon)
    4. Cross Server Resource Tycoon (Coming Soon)


    1. Increase the character level cap to Lvl. 80 and modified the EXP data for Lvl. 80 +.
    2. Unlock Lvl. 11 Cherubstones and Easter Bunny Synth function.
    3. Modified the Prismatic Wheel Setting.
    4. Equipment Upgrade emails have been added to email list.

  • #2
    CROSS-SERVER RESOURCE TYCOON... wow !!! i wonder how expensive that will be?
    Server : S41 Wyrm's Gorge
    IGN : 13th
    Class : Paladin


    • #3
      can't log after update, got white screen


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        Originally posted by Maxor1981 View Post
        can't log after update, got white screen
        flush your dns by typing at the command prompt ipconfig/flushdns
        File a ticket
        for payment issues
        For issues with DragonPals send email to:

        R2 Game Rules click
        Interested in becoming a forum mod, click


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          LOL? Cross Server Resource Tycoon, thats going to be a potential Game killer especially for people who dont spend.


          • #6
            bad... my healer has alot of fake status


            • #7
              im at s153
              Dont know what update was time 22:55 server time but after is domination crashed or frozen. why?


              • #8
                why they dont just fix the existing issues is beyond me...... like raiders..... dragon soul skills not working... and all the other issues... FIX THEM.


                • #9
                  is it me or does ur heros hve a stat boost as it seems thy hve been boosted up mre after thy dne this update


                  • #10
                    Was doing quests then all of a sudden white screen now cant log back on always a white screen..cant make it now for gauntlet


                    • #11
                      idk whats going on here but no sooner the new item that was placed on s118 Evils Bane now it cant even find the server it has also happened on 172 Jade Valley i get a white screen with this error CometBird can't find the server at so wth is going on


                      • #12

                        cant login from another computer after the update. login button dsnt work.