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  • Character Disappearing


    On 17 April I was participating in a guild battle. My browser was closed by my young son while I was in the midst of battling another player. Now, when I try to log on my character is gone completely. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    you sure you are loggin on on the right server with the right account and bla bla bla ?


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      Are you sure you cleared cache and bla bla bla?
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        Characters do not just vanish.. there is no way to delete them either.. save by a system "purge" when there is a merger and people that meet a specific list go bye bye. So I have to ask are you logging into the right platform? Are you logging into the right server? Can you tell us the server you are trying to log into? Have you ever purchased balens? I know that sounds silly.. but if you have tried everything to regain the character on the server that is now just not appearing for you, things such as purchases and what not can help the support people to track down a character a lot easier because there is a purchase trail tied to it.
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