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Wartune Mentor Recruitment

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Wartune Mentor Recruitment

    Welcome to the Mentor Program! Do you have a desire to improve the R2Games community by helping others, providing useful answers, and working as a team? The Mentor Program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

    Mentors are in-game and forum helpers that answer gameplay questions and report larger issues to the CRMs which handle your tickets.

    There are some criteria to meet before applying, so here's what we're looking for in a Mentor:

    -An expansive knowledge of the game.
    -A high level of written English.
    -Ability to work well in a group and communicate clearly.
    -A positive personality and a general enthusiasm for games.

    We also have some rules and requirements for our Mentors. We want to have a good team that blends well, so if you are applying to be a Mentor this is what will be required of you to be accepted:

    -18 years of age or older
    -Non-disclosure of employment. This means you cannot tell anyone that you are Mentoring.
    -Minimum Mentoring hours and forum posting weekly.

    If you think you're a good fit, please fill out the application linked below. Once reviewed, we'll contact you and let you know if you got an interview.[*]what applicants need to know to be prepared for the interview:
    1- Mentors don't perform bans / mutes ingame .
    2- Mentors are bound to the amount of weekly hours they mention in their interviews.
    3- the interview in general check on applicant's game knowledge and their ability to gather unknown info if possible, if you don't know an answer just say you don't know.
    4- Mentors don't have access to any future / unannounced information.
    5- Mentors are volunteers , friendly players who are familiar with ToS aside from the game knowledge
    6- we require a minimum of 20 mentoring hours per week
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    Er.. OK.. How much does it pay?


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      Originally posted by R225052118 View Post
      Er.. OK.. How much does it pay?
      knowing R2, high chance to be 0$.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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        I'm still hesitant coz i lack every criteria
        I Quit, if you wanna ask regarding to any of my thread or post, i wont answer you.
        and do me a favor, downgrade my reputation. Im done.


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          LOL im sure if i even thought of applying after my horrible experiences over the last 2 weeks with forum Gm's and "the elves" it would go directly into the nearest waste management facility.


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            no benefit? no salary? no anything lol


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              Originally posted by pedroyopi View Post
              no benefit? no salary? no anything lol
              You are paid in smiles and warm fuzzy feelings.


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                I beleive you will receive benefits, but it will most likely be something similar to what Veterans might receive...No money but maybe in-game items (and most likely nothing that would cost money either lol) so expect something, just don't expect anything special. Plus, all you are doing is answering questions and helping with info mainly, those who are interested and get hired are probably not seeking rewards or money...but rather the chance to do something nice for others


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                  It should not ask for money cause its just a game


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                    If you are asking for benefit, reason you should apply, if you are considering to do it, should be willing to help other players, and help us to make Game better. We would highly recommend to not use this post to discuss Mentor payment/salary. If you are interested to know more, just apply:

                    Thank you for your attenton


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                      "It should not ask for money cause its just a game"

                      Just a game hey, but the game asks for alot of money lol


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                        can we still play our toons if we get picked ?

                        ok i apply'd..wish me luck!
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                          i think u would get something like 4k balens a month? not saying that that is what you get but its a possibility but still that is not


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                            ha, vets with useless note on new name. comoon gm's. we need you on servers, to help and actualy be able to anwser questions. Not vets/mentors/mods here. Who by the way get all the crapthrown at em for no reason...they are just the only target we have. thanks to lag on actuall conversation to gm. any of you..
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                              what we need is for the r2 to do its job and fix all the dang bugs in the game instead of putting off what they should be doing and putting their resposebilites onto someone who can't do a thing about it, all these mentors as you call it will be taken a whole lot of **** for r2's screw ups which isn't right but what is to be expected from a company that puts its problems off on others so they don't have to deal with it as usal.