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Transformed Gaia (Hercules) Doesn't Do PATK

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    I believe one of hercules' skills does take enemy's PDEF into consideration, maybe it is released in the later patches but I'm pretty sure there is one


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      I took the pictures of the skills 9 days ago, on s1 of the Chinese servers. There were 14 skills of each element, 10 requiring level 50 and 4 requiring level 70. Unless we're talking about previews of future patches for the Chinese servers, this is about as recent as it's going to get.


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        even if it doesn't do patk, it still does the most shi tload of dmg among all the sylphs. no other sylph has a 470% dmg delphic. The bulk of the important events are mostly single targets or a main single target with troops which most ppl in the top tier can clear in a few rounds before sylph can even be awakened. So AOE sylphs are only useful in PVP arena which is like 1 out of so many single target events. Even MPD bosses are single targets so no point sticking with AOE sylphs (hence why chinese servers top players mostly use hercules).
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