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    So now we are going on Day 2 of no Event on S15 I spent money on my main account and now I'm starting to regret it as if it wasn't bad enough we got no new server start set we get 2 days of no event now.
    Crystal Saga
    Server: Kraken Beach (S33)
    IGN: (S33)ShadowAxle1
    Class: Mage(Hybrid)
    Guild: SoulOfRuins just another noob :P
    Plane/Level: Eidolon/122
    Pet Of Choice: Burning Angel Gen 3 :D Level of pet:126 :D

    Eternal Saga
    Server: S35
    Class: Worrier

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    An issue cannot be forwarded if it's not reported. However, I have notified the team that S15 is missing events. Thank you.

    Update: The events are now up.
    Last edited by *Minori*; 02-13-2020, 09:31 PM. Reason: See update.
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