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    I have a small-ish monitor and when I use R2Client I get this scrollbar which bugs me. I don't have this issue when using wartune's client (
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      hi guys i need help i have flash player and r2 ask me i need update me flash player to 11.4


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        yup so far working fine for me ...but like many that right scrollbar is rather annoying...blocks settings and quest hotkey minimize button..But like it so far Thanks R2


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          Dragon Pals Issue

          Went to download the client and it downloaded and opened no problems, went to try and play Dragon Pals but always get a black screen as seen below

          Click image for larger version

Name:	DP Screenshot.png
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          Tried Mythborne and it worked no problems


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            Thanks for the continued feedback! DPS seems to be a continued issue and I'm not sure why. Windows 10 seems to cause flash issues, also unsure. I can assure you all that THERE ARE NO VIRUSES OR MALICIOUS FILES IN THE R2CLIENT. We would not release something designed to harm our players or their systems in any way.

            I will be submitting all this feedback soon and I hope to have complete answers ASAP.


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              Originally posted by R2_Sanguine View Post
              Thanks for the continued feedback!
              You're welcome. Here is another feedback, why new players should bother installing new client or spending in your "new" games?I ask because:

              - Most, if not all your games, are piling up with non addressed bugs
              - Your GMs pick which players/posts you want to answer, which means ignoring most of them
              - Your support does not answer tickets
              - Players who spent thousands of dollars cannot even get a support ticket answered, a reply from a GM or anything besides copy/pasted answers
              - You are shutting down more of your games, how can we know that one of your new cames will still be around in 3 months?


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                I have been using the client for a few days now for Shadowbound. I really, really like it. There's no lag, the events bar is back. The only downside is the size of the screen is a bit smaller than the mini client. Would like to see a stat bonus made for the new client as well, like we had with the mini client. Thanks a ton r2!
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                  is it true that blade hunter will be close this december 16 2015


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                    Originally posted by shockira View Post
                    is it true that blade hunter will be close this december 16 2015
                    Here is how Yitien is being treated. They ask for feedback but they don't care at all.

                    Originally posted by SuperGrace
                    sorry but no more GM here in yitien. This game is totally dead!
                    Originally posted by TheBliTzz
                    Yeah, damn i agree with u SuperGrace..they abandoned yitien and giving lot of free voucher pack for their new games like Mythborn,NovaGenesis,etc..
                    Originally posted by SuperGrace
                    Why dont you just simply tell the players here that this game is no longer alive?
                    Originally posted by R216193555
                    they wouldn't do that, and publisher still waiting for new player who have fool enough to do recharge..


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                      Originally posted by Uvntz View Post
                      Here is how Yitien is being treated. They ask for feedback but they don't care at all.
                      Excuse me, but I think R2 wanted R2client feedback here, am I wrong? What does this (all those quotes) have to do with R2client?
                      And please stay on topic of providing proper feedback.
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                        client is just another distraction like the giveaway so they dont have to answer the players of the games they abandoned after we spent a lot of money on it.

                        feedback?its a piece of ****.


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                          the mini cliente no work in my pc is w7 need instal adove flash player and i have adove flash player 2015Click image for larger version

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                            how can we test this new...beta...what ever, if we cant play??? this is second time -just a day ago was the same- Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitledrtyry.jpg
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                            also would be verry handy a "log out" moste of us have alters to run too
                            We are in CSHB, events are runing...and we cant get in game...typicaly your management style! you can't fix or add things when there isn't smth important in game?? i wonder why...


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                              Yea I did this and had to uninstall it ( Like Real QUICK) it started downloading a bunch of off the Wall **. (SO DON"T NOT DOWNLOAD IT)


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                                working for me just fine but I don't see any difference in terms of improvements between r2 client and the browser