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Thread: Erebus Quiz

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    At what lvl u can use the world chat in LOA anser is 5

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    Hajime no Ippo is a popular anime/manga about what?

    What is the first angel you get in League of Angels?

    Who first invented toilet paper?
    The Chinese

    Where is Big Ben located?
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    Who hold the MLB single season home run record?
    D. Barry Bonds

    Who is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball?
    B. Goku

    How many eyes do most spiders have?
    C. 8

    Are gorillas cranivores, onmivores or herbivores?

    Who wrote the novel, The Catcher In The Rye?
    C. J.D.Salinger

    Fortune cookies are from what country?
    C. U.S.A

    How many floors are there to explore in Diablo1 ?
    D. 16

    Where is Saint Basil's Cathedral located?
    B. Russia

    Where is mount Fiji located?
    B. Japan

    Which of this is Not a Mammal?
    C. Lizard

    Where is Pompeii located?
    B. Italy

    In which sport do you use a Chucker?
    D. Polo

    What is the ratio of 1:2 as a percentage?
    B. o,25

    What is the largest landlocked country?
    D. Mongolia

    What is the main board of a computer called?
    C. MotherBoard

    Where is Moscow located?
    D. Russia

    What is the process by which particular biological traits become more or less common over time?
    C. Natural Selection { i think is this **

    What state is Starbucks from?
    D. Washington

    Banjo is the protagonist of a game developed and published by rare for the Nintendo64. Who is his partner in same game?
    C. Kazooie

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    What is the Highest title u can get in League of Angels? Demi God

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    biggest mammifer is blu wale

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    Which game platform is owned by CD Projeckt? Correct answer GOG

    Who is the head of state of all commonwealth countries? Correct answer The british monarch

    What is the scientific name for humans? Correct answer Homo Sapien

    Where is Moscow located? Correct answer Russia

    How long is the shelf life of Twinkies? Correct answer Approximately 45 days.

    What color means go? Correct answer Green

    Where is Twitter located? Correct answer San Francisco

    Taylor Swift's album "Fearless" was released when? Correct answer 2008

    What is the highest lvl cannon you can use (other than laser) in T.Pool in LOA? Correct answer 9

    Daft Punk is an electronic music duo from what country? Correct answer France

    In the novel Frankenstein, what is the monster called? Correct answer Frankenstein's monster

    What is the human body mostly made of? Correct answer Water

    What state is Jack Daniels from? Correct answer Tennessee

    What lvl do you get access to Erebus? Correct answer 40

    Where is Bolivia located? Correct answer South America

    What is Microsoft's search engine called? Correct answer Bing

    Which one of these is not a mammal? Correct answer Lizard

    Who was the first man to climb Mount Everest? Correct answer Sir Edmund Hillary

    Hajime no Ippo is a popular sports anime/manga about? Correct answer Boxing

    In Command & Conquer: Red Alert, which side could launch a GPS satellite? Correct answer The Allies

    Who wrote the novel "The Catcher in the Rye"? Correct answer J.D. Salinger

    What level do you have to be in order to use World Chat in LOA? Correct answer is 5 but game has it as 1 for the right answer

    What is Final Fantasy 3 knob as in Japan? Correct answer Final Fantasy 6

    What are the two highest scoring letters in the game of Scrabble? Correct answer Q & Z

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    can update the post? so hard to find nowday

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    In no limit texas hold'em poker, who is first to act after the first round betting?

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    cz i can only do erebus 2 time n hard to get quiz i need help to post the question n correct answer .
    actually if i get the quiz i always correct it n post it , but if i didnt get same question i dont know the answer too
    i think question in erebus quiz n quiz at 13.00 is same isnt ? so we can get clue from that too
    i will update new question at page 4 so cekidot :3
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    would not be easier to put all these in a google spread ... would be a lot more easier to find.

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