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Guide for Domination City

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  • Guide for Domination City


    Domination city is a PVP oriented event in which you attempt to kill 5 bosses (Or 8 if you're VIP) for treasure boxes which contain shop item rewards and a currency of which you can exchange for other valuable items. You enter it at "Pride" NPC in Starglade.
    There are four difficulties which you can choose to enter based on your strength with 1 star being the easiest and 4 stars being most difficult.

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Name:	Domination City entry location.png
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    Upon entering you are invisible and invincible to any other players inside and you cannot attack them or bosses. To begin you speak to the NPC inside to get your “item binding quota”, which enables you to attack inside the map and, most importantly, kill the bosses to loot the treasure boxes.

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    Each boss drops two boxes upon death, one containing shop items and the other containing Domination coins (currency) which can be exchanged for items at the NPC for the event.

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    Char: Rice
    Class: Knight
    Guild: Tempest