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False Advertising

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  • False Advertising

    I just want to address some unsatisfactory promotion made by R2 for this Christmas event. I am extremely unhappy with the Santa's Gift Pack after the maintenance. First of all, the description of the Santa's Gift Pack are vague because once I bought the Santa's Gift Pack, I realized Christmas Costume Set was a time-limited costume which last for 30 days. This can be considered as false advertising since the description did not mention anything regarding the time-limited costume which I bought, intended to put it in wardrobe. I wish R2 will give a satisfactory explanation and compensation to all players who bought this item thinking the Christmas Costume Set was a perpetual costume. Secondly, it is about the Christmas Event, level gift. It says that lvl 80 we are supposedly getting Super title shards and Dragon Crystals but turns out we only got Super title shards only, lacking the Dragon Crystals.

    I would also like to thank R2 for the amazing events for Christmas and decorations and fix the issue I mentioned above. Thank you and sorry for the long post.

    S5 Frances.
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    Originally posted by Reverie View Post
    To anyone interested in purchasing Santa's Gift Pack, the Christmas set has a 30-day timer on it while the Darling Reindeer set is permanent. I will be reporting this to the team to see if we can get it fixed.
    As for the lack of Dragon Crystals, can you provide a screenshot of the transparent system interface at the bottom right hand corner depicting that only the Super Title Shards were received? The team always requires screenshots or videos that depict the issue in its entirety.


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      This is my screenshot when receiving the Lvl 80 gift pack Click image for larger version

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        Thank you. These matters will be reported when our CRM is on-duty later today.

        The devs are insisting that the 30-day time limit for the Christmas costume set in Santa's Gift Pack was intentional. I did counter-argue the fact that the Darling Reindeer set did not have an expiration, however to no avail.
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          So do we get our 2 Dragon Crystals (Bound) as stated in the Christmas Lvl Pack Event description?


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            Should I receive an update regarding the incorrect level rewards, I will update this thread.