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this is getting worse

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  • this is getting worse

    now cs2 are not friendly with ppl with no good internet connection.

    everytime you dc in ladder you cant login till your characther dc. got stuck
    also same in dungeon.
    when got dc while enchant. youll get stuck also.
    when you click short button relog or dc. youll get stuck also.
    when you changing pet. then relog or dc cant relog also.
    when accesing vault then dc. you got stuck also
    there is many thing else I cant describe since is too long.

    this problem occur after maintenance xmas event

    is the IT team doing major screw up on server?

    and sometimes when relog or dc without doing nothing. just chat and close browser. you even sometimes get stuck also. whats wrong with the server? its isnt usualy like this

    I must correct my word. its not sometimes. when you dc while chating. its makes yoor toon stuck. if you ask about connection. I login on other toon an look my main toon still on. didnt dc yet.

    the player geting less and less . many of them quiting cause this problem you know?

    and have to wait 20 minute. before your toon get dc......

    is r2 trying to kill the game?
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    The failure of a toon immediately logging off after you disconnect is certainly not as new as "after this maintenance". It has been around for months and is not something IT or R2 is purposely causing. If any blame is to be hurled around, it should be directed towards the game's actual engine. Needless to say that the devs are aware of this issue, however as it is a problem that lies in the mechanics of the game, an immediate fix would be far too hopeful.


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      what do the devs actually fix???? all i ever see in here really is they are aware of this or i told them thatm
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        my main stuck after buy pot in npc . got stuck caused by dc. this is anoying really how is this will be fixed?


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          Originally posted by R22785567 View Post
          my main stuck after buy pot in npc . got stuck caused by dc. this is anoying really how is this will be fixed?
          The only thing you can do is wait until your toon has physically logged from the server. It typically takes up to 20 minutes, but I have heard of other players experiencing a longer period.