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Sperion released new thing to work over but a major bug found,

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  • Sperion released new thing to work over but a major bug found,

    There are no sperion gems in fate shop+ there is no tab from where we can upgrade sperion gems in item synthesis

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    go to character page icon above soul
    an they might not have release gems r it yet


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      You can get gems from spernal ruins drops. However, there is no synthesis page to upgrade the quality of them. So whatever drops in there will be the highest in the game until they actually release them.

      Another note I found is, you can't even socket sperion. So gems and spernal ruins right now are completely useless.
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      What are bugs?


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        You can socket them, you have to go to sperion page and then go to the socket option, im about to get my 2nd gem socketed

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