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  • What?!!

    The worst thing about this is that it's not the first time it happens and I'm not liking it anymore.
    Yesterday as other times, I have disconnected from the game or I have remained afk, and yesterday was so, I was afk
    But before I left, I kept 347 Heroic Wings (heroic wings) in my vault.
    Today when I check they are gone. I do not know if it is an error or problem, or I do not know if the game eliminates the Wings in a
    Some time not to use them, but they simply are not.
    I did not use them, I did not sell them, I just left them there because I'm gathering to buy something from a friend and pay him with wings
    Neither does anyone have my account details .. It could not have been that someone stole them, because I spent all
    The Afk night and never disconnected the character.
    This happened to me days ago but not with wings, if not with gems, but I thought that had been an error on my part, but
    I see that it is not so.

    My name is: Boniita
    Server: 8
    I ask you to please solve this.
    Lo peor de esto es que no es la primera vez que pasa y ya no me esta gustando.
    Ayer como otras veces, me he desconectado del juego o me he quedado afk, y ayer fué asi, me quede afk
    pero antes de irme afk guardé 347 Heroic Wings (alas heroicas), en mi vault.
    Hoy cuando reviso ya no están. No se si es algun error o problema, o no se si el juego elimina las Alas en un
    cierto tiempo de no usarlas, pero simplemente ya no están.
    No las usé, no las vendÃ*, solo las dejé ahÃ* porque estoy reuniendo para comprar algo a un amigo y pagarle con alas
    Tampoco nadie tiene mis datos de la cuenta.. No puede haber sido que alguien las robara, porque pasé toda
    la noche Afk y nunca se desconectó el personaje.
    Esto me pasó hace dias pero no con alas, si no con gemas, pero pense que habia sido un error de mi parte, pero
    ya veo que no es asÃ*.

    Mi nombre: Boniita
    Servidor: 8
    Les pido que por favor solucionen esto. Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen.png
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    Other than the Inventory bug that was patched weeks ago, there shouldn't be any current disappearance of items. You will need to file a ticket ( to see if the team can locate your missing items from the backend.


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      Thank you for respond
      I need help, really. I do not want to stop playing for a simple bug. I know they can solve it


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        File the ticket and if after 3 days there´s no response get one of the moderators to forward it to the GM


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          I still have no response from r2. Please do something :/


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            If you would provide your e-mail address via PM, I can forward your ticket to be checked. Do note that it is the weekend, so responses will be delayed till Monday at the soonest.
            Last edited by Reverie; 01-07-2017, 11:40 AM.