For recent R2 login issues, please log in through the website starting with "https": In addition, the bookmark of the saved URL may still contain the word "http", please change it to "https". If this does not work for you, please clear the cache and cookies to complete the most recent update, or try again with another browser. Thank you.
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S3 off ?

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  • S3 off ?

    Is server offline? or switch off? or are emergency maintenance.
    For over an hour I already tryClick image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Login 2.png
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    No change even now hours later same picture(.
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    It's been some time since you posted this. Did you make it back into the game?
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      8+ hours afterwards tried again but nothing (not in play come)


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        s3 is dead no point logging in there anyway


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          That may be the dead, play now times there so see me not to be forced always always only because new server is opened there to go again and again on new this then also finance.
          If R2 does not want to see the dead server merge (More than once) then it is the same.
          If your other player follows the course new server bounce on new, then should be so, the one that I'm staying here if the last should be synonymous good is more for me xD
          If really closed then it is so can not not see why follow this course further

          and no still get into the game


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            I have just tested S3 and was able to login without any issues. From what I can tell, there are also other players online, so this may be an isolated issue. You can try the following usual resolves to see if it gets you through:

            ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files
            ~ Use different browsers
            ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows
            ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source
            ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi
            ~ Use a proxy
            ~ Manually change your IP address or DNS


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              ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files.......Is automatically deleted daily after the end of the browser thanks to AWCCleaner
              ~ Use different browsers......Windows and opera tries with it goes, but are not supported by them
              Various key functions
              ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows.....Use alien highend game PC stand 04/2016 I doubt but very will not be able to come, the computer performance is to blame
              ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source.......New download incl.start of the browser there is no change
              ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi ........Use directly (cable)
              ~ Use a proxy.....For this I do not know what is meant, so clever I am now not synonymous
              ~ Manually change your IP address or DNS......My router used / change all 24 std.IP the is so pretend from my offerer
              Except for a pkt.hope I could help.
              Is not the 1st time the cs1 or now also cs2 or other R2 game such from put of itself.


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                In the past, proxies like Hotspot Shield have been known to enable access to the game when a handful of players were experiencing isolated problems. Unfortunately, that is the extent of my troubleshooting suggestions.