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recharging ALT accounts

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  • recharging ALT accounts

    i have been trying to do 1st recharge on my alt accounts to make it a better farmer in DG.. but every time i recharge... the amount of crystal keeps on going to my main account... i am using r2game client. this has been happening twice.. please explain how do i do this correctly.. such a pain..

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    I would advise recharging via browser than client if it's not working out there. Be sure to login to the desired account and select the specific character you want to recharge on.

    If you have not spent any of the loaded crystals, you can also ask the team to manually move the recharged amount to the desired toon via ticket here: By doing so, however, the alt will not reap any benefits from any active recharge events (E.G. Points of Interest) as it will not register as an actual recharge.