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Reverie's Work List

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  • Reverie's Work List

    Greetings Vidalians!

    In hopes of better communication and understanding between us, I will be keeping a public bug work list for your convenience. Thoroughly reported bugs will be added to the list and forwarded to the team weekly. Players are responsible for checking in on their threads to keep the moderating team informed on whether or not the bug has been patched. Some bugs only affect certain classes, levels, servers, etcetera and cannot always be readily tested by moderators due to such varying factors. If a thread has not been updated by any single player for more than 30 days, the bug will be removed from the weekly list until further follow-up is provided. Please note that this work list is my own, so bugs reported to/handled by other moderators may not always be reflected here.
    Q: What is the purpose of this work list?
    A: Transparency. I want players to know exactly what bugs I am and have been working on. This list will be forwarded weekly to our CRM for review and then forwarded to the developers for further testing.

    Q: Will this actually help move things along?
    A: Sure! Buuut not always. Some things take longer to address, so it is not uncommon for simpler bugs to be dealt with before age-old ones.

    Q: How do I get my bug added to this list?
    A: Refer to our bug protocol here. I have to emphasize that a screenshot and/or video of the bug must be provided. R2 will not review any reports without!

    Q: Why is my bug marked "inactive" on your list? What does that mean?
    A: If no one updates the appropriate thread for more than 30 days, the bug will be removed from the weekly forward. Please check-in on the thread accordingly.

    Q: I want to report a player! Can you add it to this list?
    A: No can do. This work list is for widely-affected gameplay bugs only. Reports against players must be filed via ticket system here.

    Reported Bugs:
    [X] Card Flip: Teeka Egg noted as a possible reward.
    [X] Chi Aura: Does not show with corresponding levels.
    [X] Chi Progress Bar: Deducts progress when toggling between levels.
    [X] Consumer Points — Pearl of Wisdom: Bound and unbound have different prices.
    [X] Costume: Magic Street Style gender mixed up.
    [X] Dragon Essence: Not dropping from reflective dungeons.
    [X] Dragonspine Battleground: Aura and stats still attached to toon after exiting event area.
    [X] Equipment Beastmaster Legendary Dragon Sword: Rewarded with a Priest-classed Dragon Sword.
    [X] Equipment Beastmaster Level 95 Weapons: Celestial and Evil Beast weapons, item levels 13 and 15, have the same stats.
    [ ] Equipment Beastmaster Offhand: Level 120 and 145 has same stats.
    [X] Equipment Celestial Apocalypse Weapon: End product mixed up with the Nightshade (Mage) weapon.
    [X] Equipment Celestial & Evil Beast Set Attributes: All classes have set attributes for the Savior (Knight) set.
    [X] Equipment Evil Beast Set: Does not show armor; default toon model displayed.
    [X] Equipment — Level 145 Mage Weapon: Does not display in toon’s hand.
    [X] Equipment — Level 145 Apocalypse and Slayer Hit Rating: Jumps from level 95's set of hundreds to thousands.
    [X] Friend Achievement: No way to claim rewards.
    [X] Friends List: Wiped on S2 & S3.
    [X] Guild Bonfire (Nimbus Crystal): Cannot be used.
    [X] Guildstation Crops: Cannot be harvested. Growth timer stuck at 0%.
    [X] Hellstorm 1st Place: Not giving rewards. 1st placers encounter pop-up that says they have not met the winning requirements.
    [X] Hellstorm Rewards Redemption: 1st place prize can be claimed by everyone.
    [X] Knight's Skill 'Master Shield': Accidentally removed.
    [X] Loot — Red Shards: Is not picked up on AFK mode.
    [X] Magic Tower Stats: Does not give corresponding stats.
    [X] PetAngel Skill: Power of Faith not outputting reflective heal.
    [X] Pet — Tauren Stat: Absorption lesser than other defensive pets.
    [ ] Reiki Absorber: Not outputting any Reiki Stones after numerous attempts.
    [X] Psycho Dungeon: Short one attempt.
    [X] Seignor 2x Exp: Does not activate.
    [X] Server Time: S5/S6 & S7/S9 behind by an hour.
    [X] Server Time: Merged servers S16 & S18 running on PST time; should be EDT.
    [ ] My Shop — Wanted: Unable to vend Soul Print.
    [ ] Tenets: Not giving any wisdom for Crystal Ladder, Daily Hunt, and Delivery.
    [X] Treasure Trove: Rewards capped at level 79.
    [X] Zodiac Horoscope: Blank draw.
    [X] Zodiac HP: Level upgrades not giving any HP boosts.
    [X] Zodiac Quest: Does not reset. Players cannot accept new daily quests.

    [ ] - Pending / Unresolved
    [X] - Patched / Resolved
    [..] - Inactive / Requires player follow-up
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    [X] Zodiac Quest: Does not reset. Players cannot accept new daily quests. its already fixed
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      Originally posted by piayacoke2016 View Post
      [X] Zodiac Quest: Does not reset. Players cannot accept new daily quests. its already fixed
      Thank you for confirming so.