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Spender Ranking Bots

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  • Spender Ranking Bots

    As most of us know, the spenders ranking event is pretty important to premium players in cs2 since it gives alot of important free things, so the fact that there were four different bots from mall mmo site, that "spent" more crystals that r2 hasnt even made an attempt to ban on the multi server that i play on, pisses me off, regardless of the fact that i only spent 50 dollars worth of crystals, i am beyond livid that this is an issue that has been around since crystal saga one, and of all the issues that r2 refuses to fix, pay2win events should not be one. i demand either full compensation for my crystals used, or the first place reward i should have recieved, i have submitted three separate tickets about the issue and have not gotten a single response, stop adding broken events and fix the ones you already have in game r2 or youre going to miss out on alot of money.

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    The fight against bots is a little more complicated than a simple refusal. R2 has, in the past, approached the issue from several different angles, all of which resulted in little to no actual progress.

    That being the case, bots will need to be reported via ticket system. A screenshot of their toon needs to be provided, and the team will combed through the toon from there, confirm their identity, and then ban. That goes without saying that this current, but only means of handling them is more fruitless from our end and certainly time-consuming on the players' end as they replace each banned bot quicker than R2 can actually ban.


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      We didn't have any bots in spendr rankings in our server luckily. Hope this don't spread because if we lose spender rankings event due to R2s sorry security then my cashing will end I can promise that.
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          bot taking over 1st place


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            Originally posted by Mark Cena View Post
            bot taking over 1st place

            Our hope is gone Bro smh! I thought i will only hate pceworld there hahaha
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              Originally posted by alfredobuga View Post

              Our hope is gone Bro smh! I thought i will only hate pceworld there hahaha
              hope these bois will do something about it next time!