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New merge but no announcement lol

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  • New merge but no announcement lol

    Today a server merge has been made, and a new event, not a single announcement. Sinking boat. This game is a fail.

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    Un autre server, ├ža ne est pas une seule announce.


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      What new event did u see today, i havent come across any yet. little info please.
      Defending the Undefendable is a form of insanity. This world has gone crazy.


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        Brian, these troll moderators like you know they have fun to ban for no reasons, here is your answer, a merge has been made and no announcement. Today a new event started and no announcement. The questions is, what's new? It's always been like this. If R2Games does not care why should we care. I'm sick to spend money for this game, and to see the money i spent to be used for other games hosted by R2Games that i do not play and i definitively do not want to play.