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  • Level experience after 150+

    So now that orders are done, I am noticing that the experience needed to level is a lot more than normal. After doing all experience dailies, events and even Evil Beast Dungeon I still dont get 1 level per day. Is this a bug? Does anyone know a method to acquire more experience daily? I even get 4 deliveries per day due to VIP level. My level 90 ladder gave me roughly 27% experience....before i hit level 150, it was giving me about 90% of an experience bar.....Even mega secretonia was giving me about 60% at level 6 entry. Something just doesnt feel right. Especially with the level cap being pushed to 180 to get Elite level and Chi.

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    Also, there is no "Not the Boss of me" quest daily anymore either. So that also takes a massive chunk away from players since it was giving 30million experience daily.


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      I don't think this is a bug, but from level 161+ it jumps up considerably in terms of how much EXP is needed to reach the next level. On top of doing all of the dailies and events you mentioned it's also good to afk grind overnight with EXP bonus title on your character and 3x exp token, you will be suprised how much you can gain from it.
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        i do that daily already so i can personally say it isnt that much exp gain. I even spam zodiac every 2 hours when i afk


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          Originally posted by s39 Yule View Post
          i do that daily already so i can personally say it isnt that much exp gain. I even spam zodiac every 2 hours when i afk
          It's not a bug and there's nothing wrong with it, for some reason is the way the developers wanted the game to work.
          You can gain a decent amount of exp by just grinding/AFK, and not only that, it help other systems (Wrath & Blood, Wargod, Pet Exp, Genie/Pixie Exp)
          Consider having the following buff when doing so;
          Zodiac Exp, Bad to the bone (+10% Exp), Fresh Fruit from Guild Station Table (+30% Exp), Eidolon Blessing from eidolon skills (+50% Exp if maxed), Sperion Combo, x3 EXP Card.
          When possible Guild Exp x 2, and Land Exp x 2.

          And do all the other events;
          Delivery, Guild Delivery, Mega Secretonia, Ladder, Void, Blessed Bath, Crypt, Sengolia, Evil Beast Sanctuary Exp Claim (give 5m exp per run) basically all event that gives you exp.
          Right now there's the mysterious man event, 3 torches per day. Get those on your main and on your alts (if you have any).