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[Forum Event] Upcoming New Class!

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  • [Forum Event] Upcoming New Class!

    Duration: 10/24/2014 - 11/20/2014 23:59 EST

    A brand new class will soon make its presence known to Vidalians! These warriors are expected to start arriving at the end of November 2014.

    Beastmasters are wandering nature lovers who over the years have managed to tap into the spirit world and acquire powers long forgotten to many. With the ability to harness nature, this new brand of warriors can summon familiars to fight alongside them and cause earthly destruction to any who would get in their way.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1???.png
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ID:	1758719

    Event Description: During the event, a few lucky players will be rewarded with in-game currency - Crystal!

    Players who make the 50th, 100th, 200th, or 444th reply will win!
    The player who makes the 50th reply will be credited 500 Crystal;
    The player who makes the 100th reply will be credited 1,000 Crystal;
    The player who makes the 200th reply will be credited 2,000 Crystal;
    The player who makes the 444th reply will be credited 3,000 Crystal.

    How to Participate: Reply to this post according to the following format:
    • Server:
    • Character Name:
    • Show your affection for the new class and explain your expectations for it in one or two sentences.

    • Rewards will be sent within 14 days after the end of the event.
    • Only the players who reply to this post during the event period are eligible for rewards.
    • Players should obey the forum rules or risk being disqualified from the event.
    • Replies that don’t meet the given format will be deleted.
    • R2Games reserves the right to interpret how this event is managed.

  • #2
    Character Name:Blackwidow
    Hope the new class will be awesome ut will be pity to start this new toon agian and make it stronger agian
    [Name] (S72)BlackWidow
    [Class]:Rouge (Pure Shadow)
    [Pet]: Emperor Demon (working on gen)
    [Level]:152 Eidoln (working on it)
    My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me


    • #3
      s68 silver hollow
      (s68) Yangin
      i love the new classes because it means some progress R2 is doing, because this is what people really are asking for a very long time ^^
      And it just seems so great to be a warrior with some good perks of rangers or mages #24
      Last edited by 59-Riggie; 10-24-2014, 11:03 AM.
      Spouse:Yangin ♥ Femaso ~//~ StarFrost ♥ AngelOfWrath
      Guild: Yangin: Somnium,AGM ~//~Starfrost in SoR
      Lvl: 160 Eido Rogue ~//~ lvl 120 Bm Hybrid
      Pets: A Lot!!
      Sperion:Superior Eternal lvl 120
      Server: S59 Riggie, S68 Yangin, S64 StarFrost
      Wings: Divine Wings
      Weapon: Immortal Aug
      Pixie: Celestial Stage
      Mount: lvl 20 Jiyaori- lvl 20 kyuubi

      Spawn Off DeathDealer and AngelBlade

      Be yourself, Don't let them walk over yourself...
      Be Happy..Never give up..


      • #4
        PROMOTE! Start posting regularly on FB again, I want to see some noobs again, not just alts...

        The Shroominator

        PROMOTE the beastmaster class get us new people here.... use fb page... this is imperative!!! I like the idea of a new class but please do some advertising for it too.
        (s35)Minishroom- Priest
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        Lvl. 115 Eidolon Hybrid Priest
        GuildJ1)Titans Sergeant

        R.I.P. (J1)Shroominator, you live on through Minishroom...


        • #5
          Name: (S56)PureLily
          Looking forward to seeing my favorite class from the original crystal legacy on cs now :3
          Lilies maybe innocent-looking, but try to eat me, and you'll soon find out how bad of a mistake that is.
          I never forgive. I never forget.


          • #6
            server: (S41)Amethyst Forest
            Character Name: (S41)samurai
            Really psyched up to play this class on this version of crystal saga will make a great alt for me
            server: (s41)Amethysy
            IGN: (s41)samurai
            Class: Fire Mage
            Level:146 (eidolon)
            Guild: (s41)Regnum (I am the guild master. side note best 5g I ever spent )
            Wife: (s41)Carrastila
            Pets: A gen 2 Teeka named lily, GA named after my angel wifey

            "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME" ~ (s49)Annabelle


            • #7
              server: (S39)Erie Marsh
              character name: (J2)silvu

              Looking foward to play this new class. its cool and i like it and will be good character to play with
              (J2)silvu Eidolon priest
              guild (J1)Titans
              lvl 88 Eidolon Priest


              • #8
                Server: Empyrean Acropolis.
                Character Name: (S61)Bluestar.
                I would like to see if I can play another class than mage while managing to not die all the time. Truthfully, I really love animals and I think this "new" class reflects that, so I can't wait!


                • #9
                  Server : (S12)
                  Character Name : (E1)HeeH
                  I Dont Know About this Class (How Could I explain my expectations for it), If Better Than Ranger or Rogue ? It Would Be Nice. Coz Ranger and Rogue have min defence


                  • #10
                    ServerS42)Tinosia Delta
                    Character NameS42)Rouge18
                    I really liked this class because ive already try this on other game and will experience this in this game too!!
                    Now many more players will like this too,so thanks R2!!!


                    • #11
                      Server : (S53) Exelow Hollows
                      Character Name : DarkChaos
                      I Hope this class will better at dungeon and PVP.. More POWER R2 =)


                      • #12
                        server : zensho island s9
                        character name: xSpade s9
                        new class, finally a new class character has been released, im getting fired up on playing this game
                        IGN: xSpade
                        Server: zensho Island
                        Class/Job: rogue


                        • #13
                          (s28)bloodfang village
                          I would like to see the scion and eid skills summon more then one familiar
                          Level: Scion 63+
                          IGN: (S28)Destroyer
                          Guild: Imperium
                          Server: Bloodfang Village
                          Soul: 475
                          Pets: Super Demon lvl 72, Super Angel lvl 66, Megasaurus lvl 57, Boxer Rex lvl 53, and File Lord lvl 48
                          Rank: Arch Duke-102670
                          Mount: Gorilla Titan


                          • #14
                            Server : (S74) Bloody Maplewoods
                            character name: Florencia1
                            I think I like beautiful beastmaster test for pvp Dungeon,
                            Last edited by mrlakas001; 10-29-2014, 08:29 AM.


                            • #15
                              Character Name:Ronnette
                              I hope this beautiful character and and powerful passive skill and have a nice playing to this character Beastmaster
                              Last edited by ronnette2696; 10-25-2014, 12:04 AM.