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[Activity] Ladder Quests

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  • #16
    Nice will we get orbs if we pass 10 automaticlly?
    I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike Bar



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      G.M didn't told us that it would be ladder event ( of course not gonna tell ) , but when reset in our server ( S20 ) , we did bath and ladder and here comes ladder event... ?
      Lunaria Story

      IGN:Endless (Previously Torazo)
      Guild: Unholy
      Server : [S2] Adotia Isles
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      • #18
        Hey, least you got a ladder party. For some reason, even before the quests, I'm always declined to join parties for ladder. Heck, they take a 40 mortal priest over me, when the group already has 2 healers! Now that these quests are out, I've got no chance to get a group for it without running myself and 4 alts thru there. Great event I will admit, but just not gonna bother.


        • #19
          ok guys . I dont have issues getting a party because im fortunate enough to be in a guild that looks out for each other ... although deep down inside their a bunch of jerks ( love you steinsgate =P ) But anyways . The ladder quests arent there to make anyopne fele inferior because they cant get a party good enough to get high enough that theyll be able to brag to their little buddies about how many SS and PC they got in 1 day.

          Get real

          accept your char for what it is, aim according to its lvl , if you can get even passed 20 then geez, just work on getting better for the next time arround . These quests have been returning over and over . Come on guys, cheer up .
          Nellah - lvl 11x Eidolon - Ranger ( Nature, mostly )
          Server : Starglade(S10)
          ~Art - you can express emotions through words and gestures , but I'd rather draw you a picture ~


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            Tree of life


            • #21
              They should make this event perma. LoL~ Veryy goooodddd jobb R2 team!!!

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              Level: 120 Eidolon
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              I Breath Despair and Endless Calamity
              My Presence is beyond The Everlasting Horror "

              " I don't always show emotion.
              But when I do, It's like the second coming of Jesus "


              • #22
                permanent plz make treasure trove the occasional event.


                • #23
                  I love it!! Feed my soul!!!
                  Name: (S52)Shaz
                  Server: (S52)Plethuran Plains
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                  Class: Fire mage Hybrid Ice support
                  Nobility: Emperor
                  Pet: Guardian angel+13 Gen 3, Emperor Demon +13 Gen 3, Firelord +13, Golden teady +13 Gen 2, Ultresourus Rex +13
                  Mount: Hellwing
                  Guild: (S52)Elysium - Co-Guild Master
                  Wings: Ultimate Demon lord +3
                  Zodiac: Max
                  Beast Soul: tiger
                  Soul: 1138


                  • #24
                    Can this please be made a permanent event in the near future?


                    • #25
                      PERM EVENT THIS!
                      soul 539!
                      S40guntherkillu- Mage- Eidolon LEVEL 140
                      GUILD- Candyshop
                      HONOR- Emperor SOUL- 1177/3000


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by true_amaterasu View Post
                        permanent plz make treasure trove the occasional event.
                        Wow, I like that!