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    @wallflower. 1. Please to go the thread reverie specified in her post. This isn't the thread for that (its also out of date as well.)
    2. Nobody has ever complained about floor 66(?) and 70. You get inflicted with burn which does stack, and it decreases your hp even if you don't move. So I don't think that it's going to get fixed so suddenly.
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      Originally posted by R2CS_Crystal View Post
      Dear Crystal Saga players,

      We apologize for the instability with our servers recently which led to a few being shutdown. As compensation, A 3-day 2x EXP buff and a 3-day 2x drop rate buff will be activated on S3, S17, S26, S32, S37, S41, S49 and S61. This will last from October 24th to October 26th. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

      Awesome - except you never activated this on S3.


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        I am not sure it was ever activated on S13 ^^ I mean 3-day 2x EXP buff and a 3-day 2x drop rate buff.


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          Originally posted by wallflower View Post
          Reverie can you please ask the devs to confirm that it is intentional that characters get killed even though its says they are invulnerable until they move on a floor. I just cannot understand why it would say that you are invulnerable if you are not. Something needs changing!
          I have forwarded your concern, and our GM has addressed it here:


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            Reverie, the system lag in the (S40)cluster of servers is ridiculous today and yesterday, ...havent been outta the yellow ping rate the entire time, gettin jerked around to old clicks on maps, taking forever to pick up look even hitting spacebar, its just pitiful. I have taken all the necessary steps on my end, and many , many others in our server cluster report the same sever lagging problems today, from other parts of the US and i believe overseas as well, so its not just my conn. All my other websites are still on par with my network speeds (10MB/sec). Please let the team know to look into this, thanks from all of us.


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              im stucking in load on 15% after starting my char its a issue. im not sure if thats the cause but i entered windshear peaks and my alt too.since that im not able to login nor my alt cuz it keep stucking on 15% then load gets slower until 0/KB/s
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                too much lag i cant barely play with just 1 char on. anything wrong with the servers? i did the basic clear cache and stuffs doesnt work ping test says im good but cs is lagging bad.
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                  nvm im able to log now