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[New Permanent Event] The Treasure Trove

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  • [New Permanent Event] The Treasure Trove

    The Treasure Trove is a 6-level dungeon available to players who have attained level 50 or higher. In the Treasure Trove, players can receive lots of Cash Shop items!

    How to Enter the Treasure Trove

    1. Players can enter the dungeon by talking to the Event Master in Starglade. Each attempt costs 10 Gold.

    Click image for larger version

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    2. Players can’t be in a party or be mounted while in the Treasure Trove.
    3. Players who die in the Treasure Trove will be transported back to Level 1 to revive.

    How to Play

    After entering, players will receive the “Treasure Trove” quest which will record a players’ achievements during the event.
    1. Points: kill other players to accumulate points. Each player kill will add one point to the total.
    2. Killing monsters: each monster kill will add to your score of total monsters killed while in the Treasure Trove.
    3. Visit the Event Master in Starglade to retrieve rewards based on the number of points gained and the amount of monsters killed.

    The Monsters
    1. There are normal mobs, elite mobs and bosses in the Treasure Trove. The higher the mob levels are, the higher the chance they will drop valuable items.
    2. There are elite mobs on each level. The bosses will appear from level 3 to level 6.
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    WoW another permanent event!!!


    • #3
      hmmmmm i think i like this new event
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      • #4
        What items? And how to balance out the recent casher only additions?
        Do we get Soul Prints as rewards?

        More details please.


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          It doesnt say here, but it opens up at a certain time, you cant go whenever you want
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            -.- really you made it PvP?


            • #7
              Gm., event gmut again..... Pls ,.


              • #8
                this is going to make thing evern more onesided


                • #9
                  dont know why but fells like its gunna be pretty much u go in try to kill a mob but some bum is gunna be trying to kill ya cuz itll be faster to get points o.o


                  • #10
                    Very dissapointed, nothing really new. and this new perm event wants xtal items to open the chests...that defeats the purpose of wasting 10g to go in...
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                      Originally posted by weichenlay View Post
                      Gm., event gmut again..... Pls ,.
                      Omg,i thought the gmut event before will shut up gmut beggars =.=


                      • #12
                        About this.DIVIDE IT BY PLANES! we're gonna get killed by eidolon AOEs without them even MEANING to kill us as mortals/scions are very underpowered compared to eidolons,or at least make it 50-79 80-100.


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                          New location for cashers. 20-30 top of players of the server will sit there and accomulate points killing simple players from 1-2 blows.


                          • #14
                            this place isnt about pvp quit crying it has been released in a different version of this game and the players dont usually go killing eachother its pointless and the cash shop items dropped arent anything crazy amazing and are usually bound u get what u pay for which is 10g
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                              What's treasure trove L2?
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