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The Rift

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  • The Rift

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    Time: Daily at 13:00 to 14:00, and 20:00 to 21:00.

    Description: The Rift is a newly discovered area in between worlds. Normally imperceptible from either end, a void bled into the physical realm and opened a rift that Dragons are using to try and invade Vidalia. Gather your guild members and take the fight to them by first speaking with the Guild Management Officer in Starglade at the designated times above.

    After entering the Rift, speak with the Rift Officer to donate either Contribution or Crystal to summon the Void Dragons (once per day). You'll receive 10 Rift Points for every Crystal donated, and 1 Rift Point for every Contribution donated. The Rift Points can be exchanged for Guild Contribution, and a Rift Shard if you're lucky.

    Before the battle with the Void Dragon, you can speak with the Rift Prophet who is willing to provide a buff to all members in the area using any accumulated Crystal that has been donated. You'll need to bring the Guild Leader and 7 others along to summon the Void Dragon. Defeating a Void Dragon will yield a treasure trove containing Contribution Vouchers and Rift Shards. These shards can be exchanged for items at the Rift Merchant (See Below). Once you're finished, you can speak with the Rift Officer to return to Starglade.

    Rift Boss Crystal Required Contribution Required No. of Rift Shards sent to Backpack No. of Treasure Trove Collects
    Void Dragon I 1,000 5,000 1 5
    Void Dragon II 2,000 10,000 2 10
    Void Dragon III 3,000 15,000 3 15
    Void Dragon IV 4,000 20,000 4 20
    Void Dragon V 4,800 25,000 5 30

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    Rift Shard Exchange

    Description: Rift Shards are found from fallen Void Dragons and can be exchanged for items at the Rift Merchant. There's also a chance to get a Rift Shard whenever you exchange Rift points for Contribution at the Rift Officer.

    Item No. of Rift Shards
    Crystal Wyrmling Mount 100
    Dragon Essence (Bound) x1 2
    Pixie Upgrade Crystal (Bound) x1 10
    Energy Particle (Bound) x1 1
    Excellent Gems Coupon (Bound) x1 60
    Ares' Gift (Bound) x1 30
    Zodiac Awakening Stones x1 25
    Chi Essence (Bound) x1 3
    Rune Medium (Bound) x1 1
    Magic Essence (Bound) x1 5
    Soul of Ares x1 500


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      can we see the stats and apperance of the Wyrmling mount?


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        how strong is the dragon, how many times can be collected from trove, is it once per time available or u can summon as many as u wish, whats the requirement to summon the said dragon? a little more explanation would help. whats the stats of the dragon mount the picture seems fine.


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          May we know how to get the new mounts? we are not able to find it anywhere


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            eager to see it ^^


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              So if i am reading this correctly we have to spend crystals or contribution points You'll receive 10 Rift Points for every Crystal donated, and 1 Rift Point for every Contribution donated. The Rift Points can be exchanged for Guild Contribution, and a Rift Shard if you're lucky. and grab 7 guildies to go see if we can beat a dragon that we have no idea what the stats are and get these points to get bound stuff. do everyone who enter get the points as well as the treasure trove containing Contribution Vouchers and Rift Shards? and why set a time if you can only enter once a day why not just make it like void instead of setting time what if people cannot make the time that is given. Oh and you can only get the buff if you donate crystals NICE (NOT). Why not make this a FREE area for People because I WILL NOT SPENT my CRYSTALS on this R2, before the mods answers yes i read the Contribution parts but not sure if the Guild contributions that are asked here are worth us Using for this. Great Job in making people like me who cash not wanna keep supporting this game. Instead of making a New Dungeon with better drops rate we get this instead. I think that this should be free to enter and only 7guildies can enter as well which mean that lil ones will never be able to do this because OP players will want to set a PT and keep entering instead of giving all guildies a change to do this. I just think that this should be a FREE area like the rest of the GAME because if this is the First then I am sure the rest of the stuff R2 brings out is going to cost crystals. What next a new dungeon that you can only enter if you spend crystals? Not sure if this was thought through when this was being done. Thanks R2 smh not a happy player atm I think more information on who get the points and if all players that enter will be helpful on how I feel about this I like to help my Guildies so please more Information?
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                Another thing is, will everyone who enters get the same prizes? So if there is a rift shard, all 7 people will get it (or however many people are there)? or will it go to the party loot where you have to need or pass? like the new shards in ladder -.-
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                  Click image for larger version

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                  This is all i found about that

                  Originally posted by pronoob View Post
                  can we see the stats and apperance of the Wyrmling mount?
                  Stats here:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Rift mount.jpg
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                    Originally posted by R21705069 View Post
                    May we know how to get the new mounts? we are not able to find it anywhere
                    You can obtain the first form by exchanging 100 Rift Shards to the NPC inside the event area. Beyond that, it appears to be morphable.


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                      and this mount, i assume, is perma, Reverie? at least they are pretty, lol.


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                        I'm guessing that since the shards go right to your inventory (judging from the table) this means I can fill the remaining spots with my alts and get zodi awakening stones every 5 days. Awesome! Also, what's the amount for drag v? I'm guessing 4,8000 is a typo
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                          Bleh the exchange ratios are just wrong i burst 2k contri for just 1Rift shard! Also the 10 times for exchange are low! Also it consume 100contri per try and you get back 10-20-50 contri or a rift shard! Or by a chance, and you know how R2 is with chances So i don't think it's that easy to get 1k contri to exchange per day! the ratio should change to 1:10 at least if not 1:1!Oh well it's expected to be faulty after just released, but you gotta look on it fast! And give us back some of the contri we spend cause i don't think many players got 2k contri or more!


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                            Well, I wont bother with this one either as it's no way in hell I will use my saved contri just to get bound items I don't even need xD
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                              not worth all the contribution......