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[UPDATE] All Your Screenshots Belong to Us!

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  • [UPDATE] All Your Screenshots Belong to Us!

    Duration: 11/24/2014 - 12/20/2014 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: Capture those special in-game moments and share them with us. During this event, take some interesting and cool screenshots in-game send them to us (limit one screenshot per person). We’ll select and pool together our favorite 10 screenshots and display them on our official website. The screenshots can be of your character, your fancy looking mount, or whatever! As long as it’s from Crystal Saga, feel free to submit it. You can even spice things up a bit using your favorite graphics editor!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	officialweb artwork.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	50.9 KB
ID:	1761677

    How to Participate:
    Reply to this post in the following manner:
    • Server:
    • Character Name:
    • The in-game screenshot

    (Recommended size of the screenshot: 1024 x768)

    • Rewards will be sent within 7 days after the end of the event.
    • Only the players who reply to this post during the event period are eligible for rewards.
    • Players should obey the forum rules or risk being disqualified from the event.
    • Replies that don’t meet the given format will be deleted.
    • R2Games reserves the right to interpret how this event is managed.

    Update: We found it difficult to choose just 10 favorites from a selection of so many awesome pictures. For this reason, we decided to choose 16 instead.

    The winners are:
    • (S61) MerpatiBiru
    • (K1)Puppetbomber
    • (S1)Hellana
    • (S6)wisteria889
    • (S15)deathstorm
    • (S15)Karma
    • (S18)Rin
    • (S19)PaNt3Ra
    • (S24)Cake
    • (S60)FlameMelody
    • (S67)Yalen
    • (S72)Emmet
    • (S75)Adriel
    • S12.(E1)poOpayx1
    • S53.(J1)Sasha
    • S68.Yangin

    The screenshots from the above players will be put on our official webpage (ARTWPRL - Screenshots). Click here to see all the awesome pictures!

    The above winners will also get 500 Crystal as a reward. Thank you for your support to Crystal Saga!

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    Originally posted by R2CS_Crystal View Post
    [*]Replies that don’t meet the given format will be deleted.
    To prevent cluttering of this thread, please stick to the posted rule. Any information regarding the rewards are TBA.


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      Character name: (S24)Cake
      Click image for larger version

Name:	sscontest.png
Views:	1
Size:	794.8 KB
ID:	1704011
      The Death of me, will be the death of you.


      • #4
        Server: [S12]Celestial Peaks
        Character Name: (E1)poOpayx1
        Click image for larger version

Name:	final.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	663.7 KB
ID:	1704012


        • #5
          Server: S67 Crystal Peak
          Character Name: (S67)Yalen

          Click image for larger version

Name:	312312.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	268.4 KB
ID:	1704021
          Last edited by Marvz_kheda; 11-29-2014, 09:35 AM.


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            [S15]Aquatic Crypts (S15)Karma
            Attached Files
            Last edited by NerdRageMode; 11-30-2014, 11:39 PM.


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Godly.png
Views:	1
Size:	834.1 KB
ID:	1704028
              Server 15 Aquatic Crypts
              Character (S15)deathstorm
              Last edited by brimeg; 11-28-2014, 05:36 AM. Reason: didnt want


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	Here.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	485.0 KB
ID:	1704068
                Server: 1 Newgrounds
                Character name: Hellana

                (Not really sure if i qualify since i play through Newgrounds.)
                [Name]: Hellana
                [Level]: 160 Eidolon
                [Class]: Hybrid warrior
                [Server]: Newgrounds S1
                [Wings]: Legendary Divine Wings +5
                [Mount]: Kilin lvl 10
                [Pet]: Tauren Overlord gen 3, teeka gen 2, Burning Angel, Pet Bunny, and more.
                [pixie]: Holy Terrene
                [Soul] 1429/3000
                [Frag] (supreme) Auguric V


                • #9
                  [S19]Whisperwind Beach
                  Attached Files
                  Last edited by DarkagesB.c; 12-02-2014, 01:12 AM.


                  • #10
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	wedding of the year.png
Views:	1
Size:	916.4 KB
ID:	1704168

                    Server: (S61) Empyrean Acropolis
                    Character Name: (S61) MerpatiBiru
                    Tittle : Wedding of the year
                    Description : I Born I see I love U

                    :o Merp <3 Java :o

                    I love you not because of anything you have,
                    but because of something that I feel when I’m near you
                    - JavaMerp -


                    • #11
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	cs.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	158.4 KB
ID:	1704172

                      Server: (S13)Blackrock Gorge
                      Character Name: (S13)Azzurri


                      • #12
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	tes.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	150.1 KB
ID:	1704173

                        Server: (S26)Bearpaw Valley
                        Character Name: (S26)Gigantic


                        • #13
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ss+(2014-12-03+at+01.00.04).jpg
Views:	1
Size:	312.1 KB
ID:	1704214

                          server: (s68) Silver Hollow
                          Char name: (S68) Yangin
                          Spouse:Yangin ♥ Femaso ~//~ StarFrost ♥ AngelOfWrath
                          Guild: Yangin: Somnium,AGM ~//~Starfrost in SoR
                          Lvl: 160 Eido Rogue ~//~ lvl 120 Bm Hybrid
                          Pets: A Lot!!
                          Sperion:Superior Eternal lvl 120
                          Server: S59 Riggie, S68 Yangin, S64 StarFrost
                          Wings: Divine Wings
                          Weapon: Immortal Aug
                          Pixie: Celestial Stage
                          Mount: lvl 20 Jiyaori- lvl 20 kyuubi

                          Spawn Off DeathDealer and AngelBlade

                          Be yourself, Don't let them walk over yourself...
                          Be Happy..Never give up..


                          • #14
                            Server:[S18]Shrine of Kithar
                            Character Name: (S18)Micaella
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	r2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	489.4 KB
ID:	1704221


                            • #15
                              Server: [S56] Seira Island
                              Character Name: (K1)Puppetbomber