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[Activity] Pumpkin Pickin’

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  • [Activity] Pumpkin Pickin’

    Duration: 10/25 - 11/7 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level: 30+

    Description: Receive Pumpkin Seeds by visiting the Quartermaster in Starglade. You may only receive three seeds per day from the Quartermaster. Plant these seeds in the Event Zone, located in Bloodfang Village. It requires 15 minutes to grow. Once finished, collect the Pumpkins, which cannot be traded, and exchange them for a variety of rewards. You will receive 200 Pumpkins per attempt.

    Exchange Options:
    • 50 Pumpkins = Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pack x 1
    • 100 Pumpkins = Halloween Plump Pumpkin Pack x 1 (up to three times per day)
    • 200 Pumpkins = Halloween Prize Pumpkin Pack x 1 (once per day)

    Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Pumpkin Candy x 3
    • Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

    Halloween Plump Pumpkin Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Pumpkin Candy x 3
    • Tricky Halloween Pack x 1
    • Earth Soul Orb (Bound) x 10
    • Health Orb x 2
    • Sperion Socketing Rod Shard (Bound) x 5
    • 2x Drop Token (Bound) x 2
    • Rose x 3
    • Health Orb x 3

    Halloween Prize Pumpkin Pack – Open this pack to randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Pumpkin Candy x 3
    • Tricky Halloween Pack x 1
    • Purified Crystal x 5
    • Soul Print x 2
    • Red Dragon Coin x 2
    • Black Dragon Coin x 1
    • Shining Gems Coupon x 1
    • Crimson Werewolf (Pet) x 1
    • Little Reaper (Pet) x 1
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      Planting Time!


      • #4
        wow new pet! cool


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          finally an amazing event
          Server: Cimmerian Woodlands

          Guild: RaiderNation "Owner"

          Class: Ranger

          Class: Knight

          Level: 54

          Level: 44

          Rank: Viscount

          Vip: yes


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            great event..i'll try it
            btw why always come new srver??
            any one can tell me??

            char >>
            level 42
            server Eternal Sanctum
            NEWBBIE in here
            Last edited by chimar; 10-25-2012, 06:08 AM.


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              Epic eyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


              • #8
                1 Pumpkin = Tricky Halloween Pack x 1

                ?? there is no option for this


                • #9
                  GM can you put more instance please. since its too crowded in the bloodfang village 1,2,3 i cant even put my plant there


                  • #10
                    The exchange option, 1 Pumpkin = Tricky Halloween Pack x 1, has been pulled from the activity thread. If you wish to obtain Tricky Halloween Packs, check out the Trick-or-Treat activity!


                    • #11
                      then why was it put in the post?.. also.. why are magic attack users missing out from the buffs?


                      • #12
                        in the halloween prize pumpkin pack,.is the pets there are bound?? or not?


                        • #13
                          WTH!! my plant!! T_T


                          • #14
                            Another event for alt abusing, glad I still got mine for the Gmut event


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                              Tricky Halloween Pack x 1 where i can open this pack ? ?
                              Lycanmarsh (s14)
                              Eidolon 149 ....... gmi hate me.....
                              Wings Divine.. (are horrible)
                              Mount: the pink ( orrible too)
                              low tenets

                              souls alot of...... but pixie eating all my ss#09

                              Looking for------->
                              Pucs , want the last pixie#14
                              and new mounts#24 plz :cool: