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[Promotion] Halloween Pets!

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    that's a bad news... i rather prefer on my bear cub then ^_^


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      i like this


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        Cute pet ;3
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          little reaper please


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            Little Reaper = INT or STR (stat)


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              I feel bad about the omission, but credit goes to ThatNoob for the idea and concept art of the Little Reaper pet. Thanks for the submission!

              PS, any time anyone has a game idea, you can always submit them in the forums or send them to me in a PM. If we use your idea we do our best to give you credit and make sure you are rewarded!
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                event pets or not, add them to the pet = MC event from headquarter master pl0x.


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                  Heres a suggestion. I feel that we as players deserve to see the stats of all mall pets and mounts. I dont thing it would be too hard to do a screen shot in your test server of these items to post in the threads where you are promoting these items. Please take this into consideration R2 :-)


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                    lol i will so try to not name the wolf jacob XD but .. so ... hard ... to ...resist... even .. if bleh twilight X'D
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                      here is my

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	werewolf.png
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ID:	1662015
                      My guides:



                      SOUL AURA UP TO 4TH:

                      New Dragon pet:


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                        How should points be assigned on the Little Reaper since it is Offensive (Magical)?


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                          I would say intellect


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                            Too bad it's default skill is physical...
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                              i got a free mount, and a free pet, my luck is really good this week
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                                Since they can now be morphed. Can a picture of their morphed version be posted, please GMs?
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