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[Patch Notes] 01/29 Server Update

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    Originally posted by gs20805 View Post
    whats a pixie upgrade stone?
    You're really asking that?
    ...and it's used to upgrade the pixie that you get when you rebirth to scion...
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      first of all u are talking about pixie upgrade crystals, here it states stones, in other versions there are items to feed the pixies too like mount food so i was curious if they added that here too


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        Originally posted by windsor5945 View Post
        And then there's the fact that Beastmaster characters do not have a Scion skill after rebirthing the first time. Skills are available for Eidolon and Supernal (?) only. This has already been mentioned when the Beastmasters first came out and there are quite a few of us that have already reached scion rebirth levels, yet we don't have a skill as a reward for all our hard work. Why not? Devs are working on fixing the familiars first when the toon isn't right yet. Priorities much? My Beastmaster is an alt of course, yet I enjoy the character so much it may quickly become my 2nd main. I've been playing since Sept 2011 and I rarely ask much or comment much on the forums but PLEASE fix the Beastmaster, give us more vault space (a page and a half would be great) and stop putting a strain on the server from players being forced to create more and more toons just for storage space for their mains, and possibly secondary mains, and listen to those of us that have stuck by and supported R2 for as long as we have. It gets ridiculous when you try to log in only to get a screen message saying the "server is full" (I'm not even going to get into the issues the mall BOT system causes with their hundreds of toons).
        and you know they aren't trying to fix this problem how?

        If you actually play the other version of Crystal Saga, as in Crystal Legacy, Saga of Heros etc you would see that ALL Class's get their first Rebirth Skills at Eido NOT Scion, and as the BeastMaster is a direct copy from the Original version, that R2 did not have time to play around with before releasing it. As ALL the game version also get their patch notes from the Original Version just like R2 does it would be a safe bet to say that this is the problem that R2 are having.

        All their other class that R2 has the Mage, Priest, Knights etc they had a chance to change somethings in them, on all the other sites your first RB is at level30 and that is your Scion RB then you RB again at level100 to Eido to open up your first RB skill. As r2 did not follow this pattern they released the Beastmaster as it is with the first RB skill at level100 Eido.


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          Windsor 5945 I agree with U on some points but the problem with the Beastmaster scion skill becomes from original game, they dont have scion skill there too, so then the R2 devs need to creat e an original one for this BM to help their BM players, I think the problem with the familiar is most imoportant cuz on the original game they work properly and familiars R the most important skill/weapon for Beastmasters, I love my familiars but hate when they stop attacking without any reason on Vidalian Legends and Sengolia (My main events for my BM) I love to play with my BM and R mi 2nd main too but cant enjoy fully with that bug... I´m scion 96 and I enjoyed a lot play with this new class, the scion skill maybe is important but not full necessary to PVP/PVE, they have enough good skills to have good play for both but when the familiar stop attacking on VL itsimpossible resummon it or U will die >.< on sengolia and most of events its easy but its a very important bug after all... BM class still have many bugs, they R working on most of them but we R still finding new and new bugs, I just seen a BM eidolon that was complaining about eido skills R a little bugged (skills attack certain amount of mobs when it say attack all sorrounding mobs like spirit nova and poison spores), and others BM that had problem with their auguric X that lost frost skill, we just need to be patients, just hope they fix most of bugs soon cuz I really LOVE this class, they R so awesome ^w^


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            seriously , i don't use scion or Eidolon skills,,, they all suck , except the priest HP. however, do u expect them to make something good for beast master? no
            anyway the events of this week are cool and i luv them all
            specially the one that i need to search for 5 stones to get one token ,,, i really luv it ... it is an adventure where i might be able to get 2 divine feathers out of the token. seriously i need 500 divine feathers each upgrade ... oh lord that is another 250 days


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              Originally posted by fr33doom View Post
              Aww, still waiting on the 2gpow for 50 tokens to come back.
              I agree, it'd be nice to see this item on the QM exchange sometime soon.

              I would like to know if the reason behind letting those unusable NPC stay (I'm talking about scrooge and tiny tim) is because devs are gonna make that a recurring event (that'd be awesome, extra ways to get PoW are always welcome ) and if not... we kindly request to remove them please.


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                I know R2 and CS team and devs R working hard on beastmasters bugs but pls fix the problems with VIDALIAN LEGENDS event, have tons of bugs like areas where if U click its like U click a beast soul or pixie so if U click there Ur char dont move so dont keep running, another bug on Legends is that when U challenge the character U see with buff never change their buff, like if they have vagaboond (rogues) or 10 seconds buff (like BM buffs) that never dissapear on the char, and if that buffs like rogue buffs have effects that never disappear and cause a lot of lag and delay, and when U charm or stun the opponent they stop attacking but the negative buff never appear on oponent status so we don´t know never when the stun or charm finish, same when U challenge with a ranger and set traps, the opponent step on them and sleep or be frozen but the effect and negative buff never shows,same with priests curses, this make so hard battle on Vidalian Legends properly... another problem with this is when a ranger daimon shield appear it dont show on status or the effect but protect them so we cant know when they R inmune to attacks and when no... With Beastmasters the problem with the Familiar stop attacking is very annoying but most when Ur familiar kill the opponent and dont give U the VICTORY so the beastmaster is stuck there and cant go outuntil relog and dont get the rank of the victory... I let U some SS about the problem with beastmaster stucked on Vidalian Legends, I know all this problems/bugs R not a problem with the browser cuz I tested Vidalian Legends with all classes on many browsers and on everyone had the same problem/Bugs, pls fix that and the tons of problems that Vidalian Legends still have, I know its hard but I know U can do it... Thanks and good luck ^w^

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Crystal Saga (S58)Zetho Bug Vidalian Legends 30-01-2015.jpg
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Name:	Crystal Saga (S58)Zetho Bug Vidalian Legends event 19-01-2015.jpg
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                  Originally posted by R2CS_Rob View Post
                  Duration: 1/29 – 2/4 11:59 PM (Server Time)

                  Description: The point system is back! During this promotion, be rewarded with 4 points for every Crystal purchased. For example, if you purchase 1,000 Crystals, you will receive 4,000 points. These points can then be used to exchange for certain items in the Item Shop. To view your point total and the available items, simply open the Item Shop and select the Points tab.

                  Item Price
                  Energy Particle x1 30 Points
                  Energy Crystal x1 120 Points
                  Strange Energy x1 300 Points

                  Note: All points will be cleared when the event ends.
                  A suggestion why not keep this permanent with the 4 points for every crystal!! I am sure more people will cash if this was permanent Just a suggestion just have the points reset once a week
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                    Second luigihunter00's suggestion!


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                      Originally posted by

                      Bugmaster Fixes[/B]
                      • Elk's 10 minute buff now works
                      • Spirit Nova's skill description has been updated
                      • Item Synthesis when speaking to the General NPC has been fixed.
                      The elks buff works but at lvl 5 it doesnt buff the players

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                        it does buff me as far as i hav seen