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Emergency Maintenance on 2/13 at 02:30 EST

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  • Emergency Maintenance on 2/13 at 02:30 EST

    All Crystal Saga servers will be going down for an emergency maintenance on February 13th at 02:30 EST/23:30 PST/07:30 GMT/15:30 GMT+8. The maintenance is expected to last for 3 hours but could be longer. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

    Following the maintenance, the HP display issue in the familiar panel will be fixed.

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    And there goes my ladder... I mean serious, it couldn't be announced in the game early enough?


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      hi crystal, again this was a bit of an issue for the day, ty for the speedy response. In addition a lill bit of compensation in order for all the bugs.We have had past comp for BM in the past, but not really suitable for the toon.. I think we all smiles for a proper compensation...huggs lataz


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        Thanks for fix the 0/0 HP problem on BM familiars but 1 hr before shut down announcement will be better o.o Just saying cuz 15 mins announcement was really complicated for people that was on Ladder or need to do ladder before reset (last minute ladder) or maybe another time for this manitenance will be a better idea next time >.< ... But well thanks for fix that problem and good luck n.n

        Oh and now that U R fixing BM familiar pls fix the problem with the familiar that make them stop attacking without any reason no matter they R on attack or defense mode, the familiar stop attacking opponents on Vidalian legends and on Sengolia no matter I attack my opponent, this is a very annoying problem, hope U can fix it soon Thanks ^w^
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          why yesterday maintenance now also maintenance


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            Originally posted by khenzonnn View Post
            why yesterday maintenance now also maintenance
            To fix the issue with beastmaster familiar hp 0/0.....


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              I hope this finish quickly ,, coz I get my break time
              ~CS :

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                yah - good luck with maintenance on FRIDAY THE 13th.


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                  Very fast on fixing this issue and at a very good time to do it. Thank you r2 games.


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                    thanx a lot r2 for the speedy fix of the bm bug