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    Would like if GMuTs were offered but dang I already missed the 8th which was the best. Iono though with the recent horrible black dragon coin luck, I probably would want the coupons. Last event was delicious on the mount food amount given.
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      another event for cashers not really worth if not for the pet skill slot expander


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        I've just recharged, and I'm still waiting for my pet skill slot expander gifts.
        Or was I suppose to open up my dollar pack to get it?
        no pet skill slot expander for me, i felt cheated. thanks anyway
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          huuft use Xtal for Event is not good


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            Originally posted by queenasjoker View Post
            huuft use Xtal for Event is not good
            Using crystal to have to open in-game items (i.e. Epic Earth Soul Pack) is even worse imo
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