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[Patch Notes] 11/8 Server Update

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    Originally posted by lights022 View Post
    If you guys think you can do a better job maybe why not applying to work for R2? (I do not even know how). Maybe they are preparing them selves for a big event... [I am just predicting]. I am surpprised for the lack of events but you must understand that sometimes the creativity lacks. Instead of raging on a thread for nothing do something and add your suggestion for a new event. If you can not then just wait for new better events next week.
    R2 is just being greedy. They simply have to hire more devs but they choose not to. Big events? Yea, you are right.
    But not for crystal saga, for their new baby, wartunes.

    And there is no need for creativity since many player like alex are suggesting good event ideas. They just never happen.
    And yes, this event is impossible for anyone, unless you show me a screenshots of any r2 server that has reached floors above 70 today.

    If you cant show me those screens then this event is simply a huge fail. Only the ladder gem exchange will be possible but that cant fill a whole week!
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      Cant even go to lvl 21


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        "Fixed a description error with the Little Reaper Pet."

        Click image for larger version

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          Lol lol lol!


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            yeah baby time to get my noob rex gen 5
            Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


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              haha this challenge is made only for casher guys is not for us on a lvl 100 Eilo i can even dream to reach 60 CL even if i have purple slayer enchant+13 and frag weap VII is only a dream to reach 70+ CL without spend toons of $$ so what can we say, at less they let us enjoy the ladder gems exchange